Damsel- NOT- in- DISTRESS: Me (Khristine.)

One babe who gave up on dating, wants to be single and yet still waits for the right guy.

The ‘X’-Men:

Ex boyfriend #1 : Dave.

The bastard who is known for his stinky feet. He cheated on me.

Fling: Harold.

The only Jewish guy I had a fling. I met him online.

Ex boyfriend #2 : Ivan.

The REBOUND boyfriend. 5/10 rating. WHY?!

Ex boyfriend #3: Beppe.

The Italian bello who swept me off my feet. Unforgettably romantic.

Fling: Mr. Nit-Picky.

REBOUND. Hot white guy who’s still attached to this ex-girlfriend.

Ex boyfriend #4: Dimitry (Russian)

The military perfecto. Blue eyed blonde hottie. Sex addict.

Ex boyfriend #5: Carlos

REBOUND! First Latino boyfriend. Huge flirt.

Fling: Phil

Hot black guy. Abs 10/10. Height 10/10. Fun 4/10

Fling: Dumitry (Romanian)

Cute in Facebook pictures. 6/10 face in person. Irresponsibly forgetful when drunk.

Honorable Mentions:

The Best Guy Friend: Ricky

Knows all my deadly secrets, even this blog. Well he didn’t save the bookmark… so…

Ricky’s interest: Lana

Apparently, Ricky’s been disenchanted around Halloween ’11.


A friend I met in Communication’s class two years ago. He and I have been friends for two years now.


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