Chapter 2: Day 1: Random boys.

Chapter 2: The Relationship phase.

I love the fact that I’m no longer single. I’ve been preaching for months that I want to be single and that I am learning to love myself. As time can be very unpredictable and changing, so did my interest for being single faded. I love my best friend-turned boyfriend, Ricky. He and I are still in the process of getting used to being a couple. So far, the idea of an exclusive relationship is sinking in; however…

When I proudly announced to Facebook and to a few friends that Ricky and I are official, dormant guys from my past have slowly found an inkling interest in me. One person in particular is my ex-Italian boyfriend, Giuseppe, who thought from the very beginning that Ricky might end up dating me. He called from Italy a few days ago, right after the news broke out in Facebook. His attempts of calling me failed and so he preceded with a random message in Facebook saying, “Hi, hi, be safe.” Okay, maybe he’s just trying to be friendly and perhaps he might be testing me if I’m still interested with him. Okay, maybe he’s just being a friend.

I think I’m more worried about Mr. Nit-Picky (See Characters tab), who recently found out that I’ve deleted him in my Facebook. He sent me a friend request and I still haven’t responded to it. Last night, I was utterly drunk and I was with two gal-friends who were going through harsh break ups from their 4- year relationships. They’ve pressured me to find them rebound boys who can distract them. The only connection I had was Mr. Nit- Picky’s group of decent- looking fellas. In hopes to help my two friends, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and call Mr. Nit-Picky. To my surprise, he picked up the phone and we’ve talked for almost a good 15-20 minute talk. I mean, I was drunk to the point where I can only remember calling him and I barely remember what we’ve talked about. UGH. I hate doing that.

The next day, Mr. Nit-Picky was wondering if I was available this week to hang out. Since a part of me is dying out of curiosity, I’ve told him that I’m available on Thursday afternoon. We both decided that we catch up in a local bar around my area rather than spending time at his place. Apparently, Mr. Nit-Picky is still dumb-founded that I have been thinking of him. I clearly told him that I miss us being friends since I did had an awesome time hanging out with him and the fellas. I mean, of course! Why would I think of him that much? I miss us being friends, that’s all.  Ricky is my boyfriend and I really want to be committed to him. Besides, Mr. Nit-Picky had his chance and he blew it.

What might end up happening is that Mr. Nit-Picky and I might try to fix on what is left with our friendship. To feel less guilty about the situation, I’ll be telling Ricky that I’m meeting up with Mr. Nit-Picky so that he won’t be in the shadows. I really want to be with Ricky and I respect him.

Part of me wants to establish friendship with Mr. Nit-Picky just for the sake of having my two gal-friends a few distraction. Or… I just want to start a drama. Goodness, seriously, I’m still the same.

We’ll see what happens this week.

I’ll keep you updated…!


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