Down the memory lane we go again!

I’ve been losing my mind in memory lane lately. I think I know why…

The most fun I’ve had in a long time was about 3-4 years ago when I was a thousand miles away from my nursing books and not knowing what I wanted to become in my life. I threw all my inhibitions out the window, enjoyed meeting guys left and right, got drunk until dawn, passed out on someone else’s couch or bed, caused terrible drama on who gets attention and what not, and I had no ounce of concern about others feelings, but myself.

Today, I am buried in my books, all I can think about are upcoming tests every two weeks, trying to catch up on reading and what the hell do I wear for school the next day? Actually,  I don’t even care what I wear. Sometimes I secretly repeat what I wore the day before yesterday. I am basically too busy to care for myself! Also, I re-gained the weight I’ve lost over the summer. Great. My pants will never fit me. EVER. Here’s sticking to tights for another semester or two…

I miss my carefree side. No nursing, no books, no school and absolutely no inhibitions.


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