First Week: A Bunch of Alpha-Female Teachers. *B&tch Stares.*

Another first week of the nursing semester has begun, which means, new classes, tons of homework, new faces and new teachers.

So far, the stress of completing readings (11 chapters to read by the first day!), stressing on whether I passed or failed the dosage math exam (taken on the first day, if failed for the second time, I will be terminated from the program) and completing assignments (due by Saturday THIS WEEK) has led me out-of-my-normal sync and it has put all of my scheduled running goals on hold. I haven’t ran since Monday! *gasps*

“The first week is always the hardest.” -Ricky.

On top of the workload, I have the b*tchiest instructors who were sticklers for every single pet-peeve that they’ve obtained from previous students, who made them who they are today. It seems that for every semester, they acquire a nuisance and they add it to their long and tedious syllabus that they coined “the contract between the students and the teachers.” I do admit that reading those syllabus has amplified my strong fear for strict, alpha-female teachers, but not entirely. The fear I acquire from them motivates me to excel and not settle for anything less. I had a very strict teacher once and she molded me to be an A – B range nursing student, something that I didn’t expect years ago- when I failed my first Biology class when I first started college.

So yes, the perks of having strict teachers involve pushing students to strive harder and to pursue perfection in their best capabilities. Also, it encourages students to live up to their teacher’s expectations, wherein the students mold themselves as close as they can to be the professor’s “ideal nursing student.” Some of the students try hard to kiss ass, they are snotty, aggressive and bossy to their peers and they like to get the attention of the instructor. I find myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head when they argue with the teacher about a fact or when a fellow student blurts out the answer to them,  No! That’s not what the book says… or How did you know that- that is the answer?! My response: B*tch, please! I read the book, so I know. Of course, I didn’t say that out loud, but I wish I did!

I always like to tell myself, “Welcome back to nursing school! These are the type of people you’ll be working with.” Great.

Anyways, tomorrow’s my first clinical for the RN program. I have to wake up at 5 am and report at 7am. I gotta sleep NOW OR I WILL REGRET SLEEPING LATE!

Hopefully, tomorrow’s interesting which means, I’m open for more b*tchy instructors and bossy classmates. Can’t wait for drama.



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