Happy 2014!

2013 has been such a blur to me partly because it’s either I was drowned in homework or I wasted my time in playing computer games. But I did have an awesome year. Having said that, I do remember traveling to California, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for the first time, thanks to Ricky’s generosity. I graduated with an Associate in General Studies, which will come handy when I pursue for my bachelor’s in nursing. I have finally got accepted to the region’s most competitive RN program. And I have seen my sister and my nephew after five years.


I know there are a few not-so-auspicious-things that I’d like to remember, but one thing stood out: Ricky’s infidelity that broke our relationship. It’s been months since I’ve ranted about our mishap and a lot of things have been revealed and so much have been left for future Khristine and future Ricky to discuss and to fix. Up to this day, we consider ourselves “single” yet exclusive to each other since we’re still intimately attached. Instead of branding ourselves as “in a relationship,” we are “complicated.”


I think Ricky understands that to re-gain my trust and to prove to me that I deserve more than an apology to get me back, I have seen him put a lot of effort, which he failed to address when we were still together. That’s probably why up to this day, I haven’t agreed to become his “official” girlfriend because my theory is that once he puts the leash on me, branded me as his girl, he’ll get back to his comfy chair and let the old times roll by. He assured me that this won’t happen, but I am not quite convinced yet.


This year, 2014, I have no expectations of grand surprises other than the fact that the World Cup is right around the corner. I’m not a sports fanatic and I’m not a soccer/football enthusiast. However, it does bring me a reminiscing eerie from World Cup 2010, the last match I saw with my Italian ex-boyfriend, Beppe, and the year that I met him and Ricky. It has been four whole years since I’ve seen Beppe and four whole years since I’ve known Ricky. I look back and remember the people who came and left and the promises I made to myself that I hoped to accomplish this year. None of it was close to what I’ve expected, but I don’t regret anything at all. In fact, I believe that the outcome was far better than I’ve expected.


As for my resolution, I don’t have anything in mind since I know that I don’t usually follow through. I do have goals both short and long. I’m hoping that my progress in life remains constant and unchanging. My goals involve living a healthier lifestyle and to stick with it no matter what. Also, I want to build a stable relationship with myself and to honor a designated day where I can enjoy it doing something that does not involve surfing the net or playing video games. I’ve got some more goals in mind, but I’d prefer to write it down rather than to type it in here and then forget that they existed.


2014 is a new year. What’s your resolution(s) or goals in mind?




2 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. I’m glad you’re taking it slow, but also if it makes you happy, then I’m glad you’re giving him another shot. Believe me… I know your situation lol, and I can tell you right now if I had let Donny go after he did this to me, my life would be completely different now.. I’m sure it’d still be amazing, but a lot different and I can tell you right now, this is the only life I want. People make mistakes . just as long as they can LEARN from them..

    My goals are things like.. ignore my cellphone more. When I get bored and go on my phone, it’s not the right thing to do. I could be doing a thousand more productive things than playing a game. ESPECIALLY WHEN MY KIDS ARE UP.
    Also eating healthier. Which has already been done, but I want to continue it and just keep getting better. (so far my idea of healthy eating is less fast food.. hahahaha that’s a good start…. right?)

    • First of, Happy New Year Fawn! I hope you and your family enjoyed your holidays (it seemed that you did based on your snapchat clips :D)

      Those are really great goals! At least you have kids to keep you on your toes and it seems that you have a healthier lifestyle than I do. I love that you look younger and that you look as if you didnt have any kids! WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?!

      Yeah, I need to stop focusing on my phone / computer and more on my priorities. At the end of last semester, during finals week, I had an upgrade from my android (2 yrs old) to an iPhone 5s. During that week, it was so hard to focus because my phone kept me busy instead of concentrating on my tests. The consequence was a hard blow. I could have gotten straight A’s, but I didn’t. Also, I think it didn’t help that I got super burnt out from school.

      Anyways, what’s your secret to a healthy lifestyle? I’ve started eating healthier foods, but it can be so overwhelming to follow different recipes. I feel like I’m going to fall back to my old habits once I start school. Do you have any easy healthy- salad recipes that you can share?! Please, and thank yoU!

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