Day 33: Birthday mania

I tried my hardest to ignore the fact that I’ll be turning 23 in a week (less than actually).

I’m not looking forward in adding one more candle to my cake and I’m absolutely not looking forward in celebrating it. Additionally, the idea of throwing a wild party: involving-heavy-drinking, and the occasional call for dressing up, doesn’t appeal to me this year. I have been celebrating my birthday for the past three years involving alcohol and with people- whom I don’t even talk to this day. I want to celebrate it intimately with people I know who’ll be there with me on my next birthdays. But the amount of people who celebrate it with me recedes every year.

The only reason why I am going to throw a party because Ricky suggested that I should. Some people remember that my birthday is coming up and I was sort of hoping that they wouldn’t. But then again, you might be thinking, what’s the big deal in throwing a party? It sounds super fun! Well… it’s not!

Especially when I’m inviting different groups of people: the Filipinos, the Americans, the Arabs and the random Asian (FOBS). How do I make them blend in? The least thing I really want to worry is: “Oh em gee… I hope everyone’s getting along with each other. I don’t want them to think the party is booooringgg!!”

I think the main thing I’m really concerned about is that I’m exposing the different sides of me and I feel like I’ll be a chameleon- changing into different personalities just to get along with the groups who represent the parts of me. I love that with different types of people, I tend to release sides of me that are unknown to other people and this might be offensive to some and quite surprising but… it’ll be interesting.  However, I do have a firm grip of the real me: the social part of me and that’ll be the basis for interacting with them.

This past week was so busy and this coming week will be agonizingly slow.

But hey, I think with enough liquor, everyone will get along juuuuust fine 😉


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