Day 26: I’m still one lucky gal


Despite the fact that half of my life is in disarray and that there’s a burning anguish in the back of my head because of the things (like job) that are so unobtainable, I still believe that I’m one heck of a lucky girl.

I have something that few people have found and I’d say it’s my luck and that’s what keeps me going. Even though at times, this “luck” doesn’t seem to work, it still catches me in my lowest days. It doesn’t judge me, yet it keeps me stronger.

I have something so true and so powerful that so many have wished to have it. Some may never know how to ever obtain it or to hold onto it, but it came to me when I least expect it.

By luck, I don’t mean anything to do with a shamrock or a shamman’s blessing or a charm, but something that’s so intangible.That’s how powerful it is! No one can ever obtain it but me and that’s how special it is.

All I can really say is, I’m so lucky to be with Ricky, who’s unconditional and caring love has saved me from ending my life so early. Even when we were only friends, he inspired me to be the best person that I can be and if it were not for him, I don’t think I’ll be this much stronger, happier and content with how my life is turning out to be.

Compared to all the guys whoever walked into my life, Ricky is truly one amazing guy!

So yes, I’m so lucky to be that girl who found that special someone whom I can share a bit of laughter and that warm connection with!


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