Day 24: I’ve had enough with hibernating!

I haven’t really posted much ever since I got back from the Philippines. As much as I want to tell you all about my 10 day trip and how it’s like to go back after 8 years, there is nothing to brag about. Besides, this post is meant for something else- important. Maybe I’ll elaborate more about my short trip on another post (then again, I always say that to topics that I pull out of nowhere while working on a blog post).

It seems that the jet lag, the daylight savings time and my period (TMI!) made me feel lazy, tired, unmotivated, and I’ve been eating a lot. Recently, I got back into playing MMPORG games (online gaming) and I’ve been drinking beer (I want more Guiness!) and I’ve been inactive. Bottom line, I’m 143 lbs and I’m freaking out.

Ironically, with the weight I’ve gained, I’m more motivated than ever. Since spring is here and I’m looking forward to the warm weather, the 5K marathon I’m going to do in 2 weeks, and the impending doom of bikini season, I have been more active for the last 3 days! It’s a great progress from sitting at home and eating away my insecurities.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

day 1

It all started with a light walk/ run and some healthy eating!

day 2

That day, the weather was in the 50’s and it was sunny! It was the perfect day to run/ walk a long distance. It was a slow start, but it was definitely worth doing!

Also, my mom said never to play with my food, but decorating and “playing” with my food turned out too pretty to eat!

day 3

This was surprisingly an adrenaline-pumping, heart -raising, and fun-filled day! I thought it was going to be a rest day for me, but my friend Chris, invited  me to ride his motorbike and go hiking! My legs were sore from the previous day, but I didn’t hesitate.

I can’t believe, I actually had so much fun even though it was so risky!

As my brother always say,


(You only live once).

I’m really excited to do so much more activities! Ricky invited me to go Salsa dancing on either today or tomorrow and I’m glad that I’m doing a lot of activities for my body! I can tell that my body is happy because I feel lighter, my pimples are diminishing, and most of all, I feel really pumped up with so much energy! I’m honestly excited and I wish I could lose 20 pounds by July! 😀

I really hope that I keep up with all these postings and keep doing what I am good at doing : coming back up after a downfall 😀

I’ll keep you posted again! 😀


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