Day 22: Ten -day trip.


[Ricky drove mom and I to the airport.]

I was a bit uncertain about traveling home, but I made a decision and now I’m sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane to Korea then to the Philippines.

I’m hoping that I get to take lots of pictures and find a WiFi spot. I hope my country is advanced in terms of technology use and availability.

Also, I think I left my last post hating on Ricky and Valentine’s day. Just so you know, he surprised me with a bouquet of arranged flowers and a cute teddy bear. I felt really bad that I ruined our Valentine’s day. However, we talked it out and I’m glad that we’re back to being us.

I don’t think I’m afraid to go home. Well, slightly nervous and scared, yes. I really hope that we have a safe trip with no kidnappers, hold-ups, and any misfortune that may cross our paths. I will try my hardest to post a few pictures despite a very short and hectic trip to the Philippines (which will only be for 10 days!). Also, UGH… I hope that I’ll have a restful (most likely not!) 17- hour- flight (sooo great! NOT)!

I’ll try to keep you all posted (if you care enough! :p).

Oh well… I’ll miss you Northern Americans (I REALLY WILL!).

Here we go…!


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