Day 20: I don’t trust my boyfriend.

It’s 1:00 AM on a Thursday morning and I don’t trust my boyfriend.

It’s Valentine’s day (I completely forgot considering how drunk [tipsy] I am in typing this) and I’m blimey pissed off. I was out having a few drinks with one of my boyfriend’s friend and realized that things I tell my boyfriend get passed around among his friends. That’s a shocker and a good way to ruin V-day.

When I already came up with a plan to mesmerize and flatter my boyfriend with a V-day surprise, I get this feeling of betrayal and now I feel like I wasted my time on doing useless things.

You might be wondering, what is it that made me dislike my boyfriend so much? Well, it’s the fact that he shares things to his friends that aren’t suppose to be shared! Like that time when I told him that I don’t want ANYBODY to know about things I did and he shared it to someone. And when I found out that he did tell someone, I got pissed off. Then he went and told to that person that I got pissed off because that person knows that I did something that he wasn’t suppose to know. Like… why did he do that?

I swear, men are like girls. They could not shut their mouth when they’re suppose to. I don’t know if I trust him now. Like… if you’re a boyfriend, can you at least respect your girlfriend’s wish to keep her secret? If you already know that she got pissed off because you told someone her secret, don’t go telling to that person that she got pissed off. YOU MAKE THINGS WORSE. You should feel honored that she entrusted you so much with her secret. You should at least cherish that secret and keep it. If you’re a boyfriend to someone, how would you feel if she shared your secret to her friends, who in turn asked you about that secret in front of your girlfriend and her other friends? How would you feel?

This made me hate Valentine’s day so much.

I’m throwing away every trace of V-day surprise for him. Eff Valentine’s day. I NEVER had a decent V-day anyways. Looking back on my Valentine’s day history, it’s the worst day of the year, I swear.

Valentine’s day is dead to me.


5 thoughts on “Day 20: I don’t trust my boyfriend.

  1. ❤ NOOOOOOOO. I'm SO friggin sad that this is happening on this day, but DON'T LET IT RUIN YOUR DAY! MAKE YOUR DAY GOOD, you still can!
    This is one of those bumps, It wont be permanent! I promise !
    Donny used to have this issue QUITE often.. made me fricken SO insane and feel SO disrespected and just like complete shit, so I can only imagine WHAT you are feeling right now. But I promise you… COMMUNICATE this with him.. Let him know HOW deeply it hurts you.. he might not fix it over night, he might slip up again a time or two.. but it WILL get better as long as you make him understand that THIS is something important to you!!!
    Get it out.. and then move on from it, and have a good day! You love him.. and he LOVES you.. he isn't purposely out there to hurt you.. SERIOUSLY It's annoying as HELL but I swear sometimes they just forget the fact that they even have a brain, and just DO…

    But PLEASE don't let it ruin your day. At the end of the day you two still LOVE eachother.. and down the road this will just be another bump you guys made it over, and HOPEFULLY still a good memory of a good valentine's day!!

    • This is the sweetest comment I received today!!! Thank you so much for encouraging me with your kind words! I guess men do that unconsciously, but you know, it would still be respectful if they keep it. Lol… they say women are so talkative and all gossipy, but men does it too! But they are just so sneaky about it!

      As much as I would love to talk to him about this today, I couldn’t because he is too busy! I know it’ll just end in an argument because my mood is really horrible. I feel like crawling inside my bed (and crying lol just kidding).

      Anyways, I’m going to try and think less of it so it won’t ruin my day. Eh… it really is just a regular day. It’ll come and go. I do hope that you are having a much more loving Valentine’s day more than me! From the pictures you took, I think you are having a nice day 😀 That’s good!!!! TAKE MORE PICTURES WITH LOTS OF HEARTS AND PINKS hehhee !

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