Day 19: I twisted my ankle.

For the 4th time in history, my right ankle twisted itself again.


Hey! That looks like my ankle, but it’s not mine.

[Image taken]

Let me give you a brief history of my right ankle, the weakest part of my body.

1st history: The Young and careless.

I was 8- years-old and I accidentally missed a step as I was coming down a few platforms and twisted my right ankle. I swear that was so painful. I had to be sent home from school because I started having a fever and the pain was unbearable. I can still remember the ache.

2nd history: A selfless sacrifice.

When I was 10-years-old, my younger brother, a friend and I ventured to our uncle’s abandoned house, which was located below our old home back in the Philippines. We weren’t technically allowed in that house, but being kids, we had to go. That afternoon, we went inside the only one bedroom found inside the house and accidentally shut the door. We didn’t know that it was broken until we tried opening it. I had to save my brother, a friend and I from getting stuck inside the bedroom because the door locked us in. There was no one inside and the neighbors didn’t believe that we were stuck. My parents were out-of-town and our sister’s music was so loud that she couldn’t hear us asking for help. She was at our house and there was no way on earth we could ever reach her. There were no telephones. At that time, cellphones were nonexistent. It was almost dark and we had to go out of that bedroom. We didn’t want to stay there because the place itself was hauntingly scary (which drew us in the first place!). It had no furniture, meaning there were no lights. Finally, before it went completely dark, I decided to jump through the window, which is 10 ft high from the ground, and I landed on my right ankle. Now that I remember clearly, that’s the most PAINFUL I’ve been. I swear, I literally struggled. I crawled up the stairs and I was able to open the door. Bravery, I tell you. It’s a small deed, but I was the oldest and I had to save us.


[Image taken]

3rd history: The not-so-cute fall. 

Two years ago, I twisted my right ankle again! This is probably the most ridiculous thing ever, but at that time, it was cute. Back then, I was dating my ex-Italian boyfriend and we were at a park where it had steps leading down to a central fountain. There were four long steps that stretched from left to right. The long steps were separated by rows which lead through and out of the fountain area. That night, I was cheerfully jumping from one step to the next. I was hopping blissfully until I missed a step, fell on my right ankle and flop! I twisted my ankle again. This time, it was swollen BIG TIME! I couldn’t walk for days since my ankle was so tensed and swollen.

4th history: I fell for love. Literally.

Two years passed and I landed on my right ankle and injured it again! I think my old age is starting to catch up on me. I was running yesterday, in hopes of creating this heart-shape image through Endomondo, an app that saves an image of the path that you took while running. I was doing it with my sister and I thought it would be nice to send the final picture to Ricky since Valentine’s day is coming up. I was so determined to finish it and when we got to this small bridge that I had to literally hop on, I missed the step and guess what happened? I TWISTED MY ANKLE AGAIN! Yeah. I had to suck in the pain because I had a long way to go.  So in the name of love, my right ankle is swollen again.

The worst part of all: I don’t wrap my injured ankle with ACE bandages when I should. I don’t comply to it sadly.

Honestly, I think if I grow so old (like in my 60s or so), I think this ankle is going to give me a lot of problems! I can see myself literally breaking my ankle, having to be hospitalized and having a slow recovery because of old age. It will be a hindrance and it’s quite scary to think of it that way. But I know it’ll happen. My right ankle is slowly giving up after all the years of abusing ignoring it. Poor little thing.

I’m sorry my right ankle! I promise I’ll take care of you from now on!


6 thoughts on “Day 19: I twisted my ankle.

  1. I’ve only twisted my ankle once. I was playing football and found a divot in the turf. I was told to use crutches for a few weeks…so since I was only 16 at the time, I decided to just walk on it the next day. Oh to be young and stupid again.

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