Day 17: One-hundred-percent.

I feel so tired.

It doesn’t help that I have a cold and I’ve been sneezing and coughing. However, that didn’t keep me from fulfilling my Crafting-to-do list. Last night, I was able to finish a few things until 3 in the morning. At that point, I couldn’t go to sleep and I had to wake up at 6am. Let me tell you this, having your own business is hard.

It’s hard if you’re a one-man company like me because:

1. I am the make-up artist.

Yep. Since I’ll be taking a part of my face (or most of it), I decided to hide my blemishes so all the attention is on the earrings or necklace or whatever I’m trying to sell and not on the blackheads on my nose!

2. I am the wardrobe stylist.

This is difficult because I have to think about the right clothes to wear that won’t clash with what I’m trying to show in my picture. The last thing I want is someone asking me where I got my shirt or my outfit from. That’s not the ‘thing’ I’m trying to sell in my pictures!

3. I am the model. 

I honestly don’t like the idea of using my face to advertise my stuff and I prefer someone else, but I don’t know anyone who would be willing to sit in front of me and take (LOADS of )pictures. Also, I’m not willing to pay anyone to model, so really, I had to suck it up and be the face of my own brand.

4. I am the photographer.

Yep. I find this the most difficult thing to do because I want to make sure that I have the right lighting so that I won’t have to suffer from editing a picture. Since it’s still winter and the sun sets too early, I have to allot a specific time to take pictures. Also, I have to make sure my battery is full or else… I have to continue it the next day! (UGHHHH!)

[Taken by me]

[I was trying to be more cheerful and less tired.]

5. I am the graphic designer. 

Yeah, it goes along with being a photographer, but I think nowadays, it’s a must to have a nice- looking (HIGH DEF!), professional picture to advertise. I made my own logo and my own tagline too. I think knowing some basics of photo-editing is a must nowadays. I’m using Gimp (a free photo editing program: Check it!) and I’m so glad that it’s helping me edit a few things here and there. That reminds me, I have to make a business card! 

6. I am the PR/ marketing agent.

I spent the entire time last night trying to edit my blog which took a lot of tries (and a lot of cussing and pulling my hair out). I revived my accessory Facebook page. I signed up for accounts on Twitter (which I never got used to using it), Pinterest (I get sucked in there so easily!), and Instagram (by far, the easiest thing to use!). All of these happened last night and I finished around 3 in the morning. I thought I would be happy when I went to bed, but it left me thinking a lot more on how to advertise. How do I get people to follow me?

7. I am the jeweler/ designer.

I want to craft so bad! However, I have to finish numbers 1 through 5 to get myself somewhere. If I could have people do numbers 1 through 5 for me, I’d so be happy to be in my own workspace: peacefully creating things that I think are beautiful.

8. I am the accountant.

I laugh when I thought of this. I do suck in Math, but it helps to have someone (a boyfriend) to calculate things like what’s 2.34% of this number and such. However, ultimately as much as I want him to be my human calculator who is available 24/7, all the accounts and expenses are stuck with me.

Anyways, I think I like what I’m doing except the fact that I’m doing more marketing stuff than crafting. Oh well, I guess it’s just the beginning that’s why it’s really tough! Hopefully, I hang on. TIGHTER this time!


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