Day 13: Make me popular! Wait, Huh?

I have been reading and following a lot of bloggers lately. I envy that they have thousands of followers. It’s not that I want to be famous. I only want to be ‘popular.’ Hahah! I find that to be very vain and funny (I’m actually laughing at myself mentally). But! I do like to produce ideas that people like and that are very inspiring. I want to make a place for me where people appreciate what I make. I want attention.

So lately, I’ve been pondering on what things I could do to gain popularity and here are a few things I’ve thought about:

What I wish my blog could turn into:

1. A fashion diary. 

I am jealous that fashion bloggers not only gain a lot of attention, but they get to be models for designer clothes for FREE. I envy them! I wish I could get free designer clothes and gain profit out of it! UGH. On top of that, they have daily outfits, daily looks, favorites, etc. (UGH) and they giveaway stuff too! How could they gain so much popularity? If you’re a fashion blogger, share some ideas to me. I’ll credit you, I promise! 😀

The reason why I wouldn’t do that: Because I don’t have enough ‘fashionable’ clothes to start with. I’m too broke.

2. A beauty blog (or vlog)! 

Okay, since I don’t have enough clothes to start with, buying make-up seems a lot easier to my pocket than clothes. I did have a recent make-up haul ranging from brushes to nail polishes, lip balms, mascara and a subscription to a trial-make up service. I posted one makeup tutorial, which will forever be lost in YouTube after all the millions of makeup tutorials that are already posted in there. I attempted to post another one, but never got to doing it.

The reason why I wouldn’t do that: Because there are too many make-up bloggers/ vloggers already!

3. A craft (DIY) blog.

I know I’ve got a talent with crafting jewelries, but I don’t think I’m ready to share my knowledge to the world! I’m selfish. I do plan to sell my crafts, so sharing the knowledge of how I made them wouldn’t gain me any profit. I’m sorry, but I’m kinda broke and need money, so a crafting channel might not work, even if it might be a success. (Still pondering about this though! I’m so tempted into doing it!)

The reason why I wouldn’t do that: Because I’m selfish and I hesitate to share my crafting ability to the world.

4. A fitness blog.

First of, I’m not physically fit. I don’t think I have enough experience and knowledge to know anything about getting fit. I wouldn’t want to always talk about how I want to lose weight just to look good or to feel healthy. I leave all that work to the pros, since I am a follower of many (a few).

The reason why I wouldn’t do it: Because I’m not a pro of fitness or dare tell the world how good I look and preach how you can achieve my look.

5. A photography blog.

It’s so easy to post one picture and say a few words about it. However, the ability to see beauty through the camera lens and the ability to produce such high-quality photos are no doubt, VERY HARD. I’ve taken one photography class back in high school and I realized that I wasn’t born to have such talent to have my photo teacher applaud me with awe. I made ‘good’ pictures, but not excellent. Producing black and white mechanically was fun though! But taking pictures and considering the lighting, composition, etc. is a struggle to me. Even today, I struggle to take pictures of my jewelry for Etsy. I do have a SLR camera, but I don’t know how to use it. Hah!

The reason why I wouldn’t do it: Because I don’t have a talent in photography.

6. A travel blog.

I attempted to try this too. I made one blog and posted one entry. I thought it would be nice to blog about the DC metro area and show the beauty of the nation’s capital with its own hidden treasures that very few people can find. I haven’t posted any in such a long time since the weather had me imprisoned in my own home. Even if I do that, I don’t think I’d be good and devoted to it.

The reason why I wouldn’t do it: Because I’m too lazy to travel with this 30F weather which prevents me to venture out.

7. A thrifty blog. 

I am frugal, but sometimes I spend so much compared to the more extreme penny-pinchers out there. I would love to blog about thrift shopping, but I rarely do it these days. I recently have a fear of shopping for second hand clothes because I’ve seen other clothes that were stained with armpit sweat, tomato stains and other unfamiliar stains. It left me traumatic to this day. I’ve shopped for second hand clothes before, but I’ve been quite lazy to ‘tweak’ worn out clothes into suitable everyday wear.

The reason why I wouldn’t do it: Because I’m not that frugal. My term of inexpensive might be pricey to some people. Also, I don’t see myself rummaging through all the thrift stores in my area and blog about that every single day. I’d rather craft earrings and other trinkets.

Okay, enough of my BS ( being silly). I’ve realized that my “About me” section specifically said, “ My blog consists of random thoughts about romance, beauty, and the occasional drama ;).” Clearly, that explains what my blog is about. It’s being random and having to share my personal experiences. After all the years I’ve been in WordPress (Nearly 3 years? wow), I’ve ranted on my personal relationships. A thing that most people don’t really care about. It’s cool. I get it. I made this blog not to be popular, it wasn’t the goal. I made it as a way to take off my anger from the real world. It was my escape. I wanted to look back on my blog entries and realize how much I’ve changed. And yes, I’ve changed and grew up quite a bit 🙂

So what am I ranting about? Nothing… just the occasional, ‘random’ drama (as usual). Maybe I should make my own title for this blog:

A Drama Queen’s blog.

Fair enough. Sounds righteous!


2 thoughts on “Day 13: Make me popular! Wait, Huh?

  1. LOL I love your blog. It’s personal with tid bits of information.. with pictures.. with happy, sad, just real life STUFF that people go through. You make it entertaining, while keeping it real.. you have humility, and I just like your blog for what it is! Join 20 something bloggers.. it’s actually a really neat way to interact with other bloggers, get ideas , and get your blog out there!!!

    PS. USE YOUR SLR MORE. AND POST MORE PICTURES WITH IT. I’d die without mine. I’m no photographer, I’ve never taken a photography class.. but just a love for capturing MOMENTS .. and practice will keep making you better!
    I have a long way to go.. so I feel you when you say you don’t feel good enough with it.

    BUT either way. I LVOE YOUR BLOG

    • Oh man! for some weird reason, the earlier reply I sent you didn’t go through. Anyways, thank you so much for your kind words! They made me teary-eyed a bit! Reading your comment always makes me feel a lot more empowered and a bit more stronger! It’s great to know that somewhere out there in the universe, there are nice people like you who understands! I’m so glad I stumbled to your blog and made you as one of my blogger friends 😀

      As for the 20 something bloggers, I think I’ll check that out. I have been having a hard time keeping up with shatter calendar, but it all sounds so good! Thank you so much for suggesting links!

      Hahha as for my SLR, well I feel lazy to carry it around. Also, I feel that it’s so expensive that it belongs to my home all the time. I usually use my phone to take pictures because it’s easier. Oh well… maybe when the weather gets nicer, I’ll take more pictures 😀

      Fawn, thank you so much for reading all my rants! Thank you , thank you!


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