Day 12: Pointers


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It’s been a week since I ranted about my weight gain. I’ve also laid out several goal plans to help me successfully lose weight. A week has gone by and I can say that I learned a few more pointers and found some new ways that motivated me.

I can’t say that I started off with a bang and successfully lost 1 pound. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I have yet. I started off thinking that I should go easy on myself, maybe work out 3 times a week and then eat healthy. I was okay with the thought that I’ll be fine with that pace. However, I didn’t find my first week productive as I worked out 3 times with plenty of breaks and a whole lot of carb munching.

Nevertheless, I still managed to learn a few things and successfully burned out my weekly calorie goal. Anyways, here’s a few more pointers that I’ve learned:

1. To lose 1 pound weekly, you need to burn 3,500 calories.

Of course, keep in mind that it is accompanied with a “right” and a healthy diet (more protein and fiber, light on the carbs and fat!). So to lose 3,500 calories weekly, I need to lose 1000 calories 3x a week and work out lightly on the fourth day, leaving nonconsecutive days as a break for my body to recuperate.

2. Allot a specific time in your schedule for a work out. 

I’m not a morning person, so running in the morning is a bad idea. However, I found out that my mind and body are both awake mid-afternoon. I usually run around 3pm because I know that I won’t feel lazy and tired. It is important to know which time of the day you are most energetic (given if you aren’t that hectic), because working out will be easier for you. You won’t feel like you still need to wake up yourself up!

3. Two minds are better than one. 

I never found this necessary in working out, until I ran today and met a best-personal record in running. I ran for one and a half hours with my sister, burned 1018 calories and ran for 8.7m! (Best personal record evar!) The last time I was able to run-walk an eight mile was last summer and it took me 3 hours! I don’t think I would have done it without her giving me a few things to keep in mind while running. I personally think it helped that she was there. She wasn’t only mentoring me, but she was very supportive. I think it’s important to find a partner, so you’ll feel a lot more motivated and to know that someone is there for you.

4. Join a marathon. 

One of the reasons why I started to run again was because I signed up for a 5k (3m) marathon event in April. My goal was to finish 3m within 30 minutes, which is what I did today, but now I hope to finish it in 15 minutes. Joining a marathon, according to my sister, who recently quit smoking and finished a 13m marathon (I’m so proud of her!), told me that it’s the best motivation and the best accomplishment to do. Even if it’s only for 3 miles, it’s still something to motivate me!

5. Satisfy your cravings with smaller bites. 

The biggest challenge in losing weight is trying to get rid of the bad habits that harbored into our lives. It’s almost like trying to quit smoking, only, I’m trying to lose my cravings on sweets, carbs and fat. Let’s face it, the good stuff are bad, especially when they are taken in larger than usual amounts. However, I found that it’s okay to eat a piece of chocolate, but you need to eat it slowly! Don’t engulf it, savor every taste of it. To keep yourself from having another one, spoil yourself with LOTS and LOTS of water. I swear by this, it helps A LOT.

So far, after all the pointers I’ve learned and followed, I think I’ve been a lot more active. Losing weight is a tough road. Being motivated to work out is harder. It’s easier to start and yet it’s so hard to finish! I really hope I can make it even though I’ve been slacking off a bit, but that’s okay! It’s better to start slow than never!


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