Day 11: Goals will make me worry-free

My awareness of gaining weight kept me awake the entire night.

On top of that, my insecurities surfaced more as irrational jealousies and fear of rejection came hunting me again!

I DON’T want to be that girl who used to be “pretty” turn into someone who’s no longer “that girl.” – Okay that really sounded vain, but seriously, like I said, irrational fear!

I CAN’T bear to look at myself every time my pants won’t fit when they should!

I DON’T want to worry about my flabby legs, my bulgy arms and my (cute as Ricky would say) muffin top!

ENOUGH of these thoughts already!!

AHHHHHH SCJELKAREAfkafjaeoiruaeidfmado!!

Instead of whining, I’ve formulated a goal-plan that will hopefully help me! I’m glad that after having been deprived of sleep, my brain consciously made me think a lot and motivated me in the process.

1. Have a weight goal. 

By June, I will lose 20 pounds. For every month, I will lose 5 pounds.

2. Purchase an electronic weighing scale. 

It’s nice to see progress along the way. Every week, I will make sure that I lose a pound.

3. Research fun work out routines. 

I don’t want to stick to one work out (like running). Maybe I can add light weights too or dancing?

4. Research for healthy recipes. 

One big reason why I cannot reduce my weight it’s because I don’t usually cook, which leads me to no progress on my diet.

5. Listen to highly motivating songs instead of watching T.V. while working out.

At first, I thought watching T.V. distracts me from looking at the time that I have left to run on the treadmill, but soon enough, I realized that it ultimately distracts me from my goal to push myself even harder. As the drama intensifies, I felt the need to slow down; that wasn’t progressive at all! From now on, sticking to my favorite dance music will be enough! 😀

6. Drink lots and lots of water!

Water will be my bestest friend in this journey. Before I consume a dish, I will drink two full glasses of water so the water can fill me up.

7. Invest on purchasing fruits and vegetables instead of make-up. 

I realized that the sole reason for my recent obsession in constantly purchasing make-up was my growing insecurity of being inadequate. Inadequate for what? Well… for being inadequate in having confidence to believe that I am a beautiful person with or without makeup. Also, I paid less attention to my own physical needs and paid more attention in trying to achieve a “beauty” that I believed, pleases people. Bottom line is, I am going to ditch make-up binging and buy more fruits and vegetables. Inner me needs love too. At this point, I don’t care if people don’t like my face without makeup.

8. Ditch heavy drinking of beer and any alcoholic beverages. 

This one is the hardest as I always loved drinking heavily especially with beer. I will not say that I will never drink alcohol because that alone is hard to maintain especially when I’ve been hanging out with people who loves to go bar hoping on the weekends.  However, that doesn’t mean that I cannot achieve this goal. I will ditch beer and go for a glass of wine. If I feel like I want more drink, then I’ll stick with sparkling water and lime.


Suck it up and GO. I will seriously post a picture of me with a 20 pounds heavier weight and a 20 pounds lesser weight on my bedroom wall. That should kick me off my bed.

10. DO NOT purchase clothes until June.

If I do feel the urge to as a form of reward, I will purchase a size smaller than what I am wearing now. That way, I will really need to loose 20 pounds or else I’ll never wear that pretty dress.

11. Finally, post this on the wall next to bed so I can see it the moment I open my eyes ;D 

Hopefully, it will all work out!



2 thoughts on “Day 11: Goals will make me worry-free

  1. Discipline, discipline, discipline! You can do it!

    (You totally read my own inner fears with that ‘vain’ statement because I say that to myself ALL THE TIME!)

    Keep us updated on how you’re doing. That could be another strategy for keeping yourself in line and not letting yourself slack. It might also help you realize what works and what doesn’t. I’d be interested to hear it, for one. (:

    • Hahah… I was debating on whether or not to post pictures of all my routine here, but I don’t know… it might be too much! But I’ll see what I can do! I start tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for being so supportive! That means a lot to me 😀

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