Day 10: WHAT! My pants won’t fit!

People around me haven’t seen it, but I feel it.

I gained weight!

My belly has gotten bigger, so my pant’s button is holding tightly for dear life to stay put. My face has gotten rounder! My butt has gotten bigger (it’s not a complement because it sags a bit!) My hips became wider and my arms… omg… my arms are hella jiggly!


I am panicking big time because I’ve abandoned my weight goal and my exercise routines. I succumbed to procrastination and indulged in the holiday treats and the post-holiday cravings of Coca-Cola. My beer intake has increased and my sweet cravings heightened. On top of that, I have become VERY LAZY.

It doesn’t help that the 35F, cloudy weather has been dominating the skies for quite some time now. I’m too lazy to get into my sweat pants and run outside (or the treadmill) when I can just cuddle in my bed and surf in the internet with the warmth of my portable heater and the convenience of fast food delivery knocking on my front door. I feel like a polar bear hibernating while Mother Nature throws her chilly breeze outside.

To be honest, I am very mad and jealous for the people who set their alarm clocks at 10am or allot a specific time for going to the gym despite how they lack sleep and despite their busy schedule! (Ricky is one of them!)  It makes me mad that those people can still work out even though they are juggling multiple tasks compared to me. It makes me feel . . . UGH . . . bad!

Sure, it’s easy to say, “Why don’t you become one of them and allot a specific time to work out? It only takes an hour a day?! or even 30 minutes!” Sure, it’s so easy, but if you’re like me, low on motivation and has plentiful reasons why I should love the way I am, then it’s hard to be like those people who’s daily mantra is to work out!

I’ve had those mental- motivations: “Oh, just think of it this way, you’re running because you want to feel healthy.” Well I really want to lose weight! “If I keep up with this routine and keep on doing this work out, I’ll lose a few pounds by the end of this season.” Hahaha! After three days, I debated with myself that it’s good to take a break: a break that became 3 months with no progress.


So, really… at this point, I want to see some changes. I want to feel and look “in shape” when the weather gets nicer. I want to be in a dress without feeling… “Oh snap, my belly’s gotten bulgy!”

Really… can you share me some motivation PLEASE? Or… why don’t you SHARE how you tell yourself to suck it up and work out? How do you convince yourself to simply just do it!




2 thoughts on “Day 10: WHAT! My pants won’t fit!

  1. OMG I’m having the same problem! But the thing is, it’s only my legs and my stomach that seemed to have gotten bigger! Which makes me look totally unproportioned cos I have a small face and skinny arms -.- AND I’m short too! Oh well. haha. Hopefully I grow taller and it all stretches out? XD

    • Lucky you! I was like you growing up, my legs and stomach were starting to have some “figure” until I let it all lose and now it’s all catching up to me! Oh well… I say, it’s never too late to start over again lol

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