Day 8: There’s no such thing as hipsters- only wannabes.

A fun fact to remember before anyone throws a piece of tofu at me: I love strange people with eccentric tastes and different perspectives on how they think about the society, on how they dress and how they portray themselves in public.

I do love people who are going against the norms- or rather, going against the “mainstream.”

It’s good to be different! It’s okay if you love trending your own vintage washed out jeans or your two-toned hairstyles with your vintage reading glasses from the 60s. It’s okay that you’re not wearing Celine totes like those blonde bloggers who dress like they’re in a magazine photoshoot. It’s okay that you’re not into pop. Totally. I don’t have a problem with that. I totally don’t mind you being a 20- oh-so year old hipster with your PBR, of course not. I don’t mind you thinking that you’re unique and different. In fact, I don’t mind that you’re a vegan, liberal hipster. I really don’t.

But what’s so ironic is that no matter how hipsters (or wannabe hipsters?) try to think of themselves as different and that despite how they strive to non-conform with what’s hype, they are becoming the trends.  Yes… their peculiar tastes in fashion: ombre hairstyles, tats on their arms, PBRs, sock-bun heads, indie bands, high-wasted washed- out jeans (revived from the 80s), fedora hats, fixie (haha don’t know that? look it up!) vintage reading glasses, and most of all – vintage filtered pictures are becoming a booming trend among the non-hipsters and it’s drawing a mass interest on their eccentricity when slowly,in fact, it’s all becoming homogenous.

In my opinion, there is no longer such a thing as being a hipster. I’ve met a majority of die-hard -hipster- wannabes who think that they are so cool when they are not. Sure, the idea of being different is amazing, but why do I see the same trends that they sport?

[Image taken]What a trendy hipster store!

[Image taken]
What a trendy hipster store!

I used to love the idea of being eccentric and being able to express your own ideas without people ranting to you what’s ideal and what’s acceptable in our society. I love the idea of being free- minded. I thought being a hipster meant being free from what’s society has imposed on all of us? Maybe I misunderstood what hipster means. I was thinking that being a hipster and being an indie are the same thing. To be very honest, I don’t know. I love indie bands though!

The rise of the hipsterdom is becoming a mainstream trend. Urban Outfitters markets to hipster wannabes daily. I do know for a fact that hipsters love shopping at thrift stores. And I’m wondering… is there a better way to brand hipster wannabes from the true hipster themselves?

[Image taken]See... even celebs are sporting hipster outerwear. Now that's totally mainstream!

[Image taken]
See… even celebs are sporting hipster outerwear. Now that’s totally mainstream!

Why did I even brought this up?

Oh, probably because I hate the idea of how some people find it alluring to become a hipster. Becoming a hipster is not being a hipster. In fact, hipsters themselves don’t even know they’re hipsters because naturally, their nature to be different and their peculiarity are inbred, unlike those who strive so hard to become just like them. Really, to be honest, to those who are hipster wannabes, in order to be different, why don’t you stop calling yourselves as hipsters and start seeing yourself as an individual with a unique taste? Define yourself and stop branding yourself like you belong to an exclusive group.

“Listening to Taylor Swift is totally mainstream.  I’m a hipster and I’m different because I shop at Urban Outfitters and I love taking loads of vintage ( filtered ) pictures. Now that’s being unique.”



Ugh. Grow up.

P.S. I’m not a hipster. 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 8: There’s no such thing as hipsters- only wannabes.

  1. I AGREE. It’s like people have to try SO hard to prove they’re different.. like if that’s your style or the way you want to dress.. SO BE IT. There’s nothing wrong with it. But it’s SO annoying when people feel the need to press on and shove in your face HOW ”different” they are.. and how ”hipster” they are.. and blah blah blah.
    I think if everyone were just themselves, and interested in what they’re interested in.. wore what they ILLEGITIMATELY LIKED wearing… all that jazz… everyone would be way cooler.


    • Hahahha I’m so glad you’re agreeing with me! I was afraid that I was going to offend anybody. But anyways, yeah I don’t mind people dressing “weird” just as long as they aren’t so snobby about it. It’s the growing vanity and narcissism among our generation that’s also sickening me. Oh well… like you said, “Life!” 😀

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