Day 4: Save my piggy!

Christmas is almost here everyone!!!

I’m so glad that I’ve saved enough money for the anniversary getaway that Ricky and I are planning for this coming February, but it seems that with the money I’ve earned, it has been so hard to hold on to every penny. Really, it has!

I have saved some extra money, but I planned on saving all of them and not getting anyone presents because I will need that money to survive in 2013. I usually blow all my Christmas bonus and savings by buying presents for people for the last two years or so and managed not to save any for myself. The worst thing is that after all those expenditures, it’s either those people forget I gave them a $60.00 jacket, or they simply became out-of-touch or became my most-hated enemy. I literally wasted money just to feel as if I’ll be appreciated by other people and that I could spread happiness to those that matter to me. However, I’ve learned from being broke this entire year, that I should start becoming selfish and start putting my own happiness as my highest priority.

This holiday, the most expensive present I’ve probably bought was Ricky’s Eddie Bauer pull over and a set of knives for his family. I think that this year, Ricky has been my strongest foundation for every hurdle I went through this year and his family was so generous to welcome me in their home and to feed me when I don’t even ask them to. I thought buying them presents is a token of my appreciation.

As for my family, I thought maybe it would be nice and more significant if I made Christmas cards out- of -scratch; instead of buying them any kind of merchandise as I realized that they tend to either toss the gifts I gave them to their other worldly pile of gifts or they forgot that I gave them those presents. At least with a handmade card made by me, it holds more meaningful thoughts rather than buying them a hat that would soon find itself a home- in the dusky, dark corner of their closet. Maybe I could also make them charmed keychains… that would be a fun and cheaper project!

Anyways, besides the fact that I’m able to save money by not getting anyone any presents (how selfish of me, I know!), it has gotten harder for me to hold onto my savings because somehow, big-bold SALE -signs are all over the internet. I am starting to love shopping online, something that I don’t usually like to do, but I find that it’s a whole lot convenient and less expensive than going out to the mall. I found great deals for shoes, make-up, clothes and whatever crap that comes into my mind. I started to have an obsession on “Free Shipping.” Although, it’s really nice to shop online, the flip side of it, is that the packages take forever to arrive at my doorstep! I’m a penny-pincher, so I always settle with standard shipping. Sometimes I get lucky in getting my package in two days and sometimes I get them on the 5th day. Despite the constant visit on the UPS tracking sites, I find the idea of “waiting” a lot more exciting.

So yeah, I’m suffering and trying so hard not to get tempted! Well, in the bright side of things, at least I get a whole new wardrobe without thinking to myself, “At least I gave everyone presents, except for myself, oh well I’m broke again! Maybe next year, I’ll save more money.” At least this time around, I’ve got presents for myself 😀

This holiday, I hope you all think about your own happiness as much as the other people you cherish! Give presents not to please people and win their hearts, but to show your own appreciation and your own love even with the littlest, inexpensive ways. Don’t forget that the real essence of Christmas is not only to give, but to show your love to those that you cherish the most!

I wish you all a wonderful and safe holidays! 😀


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