Day 3: NEVER EVER be friends with your EX. EVER.

I vowed to myself never to blog anything about my exes again – most especially Beppe, my ex Italian boyfriend. I clearly declared on a post about a few weeks ago, that I have some kind of closure with him. I mean, to me it was a closure considering how he was no longer lingering in my mind until he managed to yet again bombard me with text messages:

(Obviously, since he’s been back in Italy for the last two years and had no contact with English speakers but me, his English has been too hard to understand.)

“Hei Khristine! Do not delete the [this] message before you have read it please… I can see that you are very angry on me,and honestly I would really like, and I think also deserve, to know why you are so mad on me. What do I did you? because our friendship after our relation was and still is really and very important for me!!! may try to guess that it is about Sarah, but you are with Rodrigo so what is the problem??? I really hope that for the time we shared together and all the great things we did together you will give me an answer because like I said before I do want to keep my friendship and contact with you!!! ciao and say hi to the gang…”


Did he just accuse me of being a jealous, obsessed and desperate ex-girlfriend? For his own information, the reason why I haven’t been in touch with him since that night, it’s because I have so much on my plate: I have finals and a very important board exam to study. I have my life too you know! On top of that, I have been melodramatic with Ricky because of my monthly PMSing drama about some things we need to work on as a couple. I even made a note explaining to Beppe that I am not bothered with him dating Sarah since I, myself, am happy with Ricky, but he clearly ignored it! I ranted on how Beppe and I promised to tell each other if we legit started dating other people seriously. I even told him about Ricky and he knew about it. However, when Beppe invited me to dinner that night when he was in town, he never told me he was dating someone until I was at two lights away from the restaurant. What was he trying to do?! EMBARRASS ME IN FRONT OF HIS EX-BOSS AND HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND? WHAT KIND OF FRIEND IS HE? He didn’t even respect the fact that he has a new girlfriend and he’s bringing his ex-girlfriend to dinner as well? Does he not respect what we promised before? He never said anything about Sarah until that night. I felt betrayed because I was close to being humiliated. Thank God I was clever enough to figure it all out and stood him up for a dinner date set up for four people plus one random ex-girlfriend  (ME).

So, maybe I do have some pent-up anger, but I’m not being obsessed. He was being selfish to think that everything revolved around his freakin’ Italian ass.

He didn’t stop there. He gave me this pity text message this morning about how he’s not going to text me again and yada…yada…..

“This will be my last text message to you, after that you will have finally no more buttering (bothering, I think) from me, I hope at least this will make you happie!! I do apologize for everything bad I did to you even if I will neber know it because of your no telling me. But is your decision and is fine this way! I’ll miss you but I’ll forever remember the time we shared together, be safe and do not lose your amazing smile! ciao Beppe!!!”

UGH. My blood is boiling hot with how he thinks he’s the victim here. Also, I hate how the blame is pointed at me. I DID SEND HIM A NOTE VIA TEXT MESSAGE AND E-MAIL. What does he expect me to do? Reactivate my Facebook account? EFF NO. I’m tired of relying on Facebook for social interaction with friends. Why can’t we all go back to e-mailing, texting or better yet… CALLING. DAMN IT. COMMUNICATION WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT EASIER YOU KNOW!

Also, what’s really the point in saying those “I miss you,” “I’ll never forget you,” “I cherish your friendship, “We should be friends” That’s complete UTTER BS.

Here’s the bottom line folks, YOU CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR EXES. Some might disagree on my claim, but in my situation, I cannot be friends with Beppe. Why are we still friends? It’s not like he knows or cares a damn thing about my life. If he cared as a friend, he wouldn’t say, goodbye… rather he would understand that I, too, have a life and that I’m probably too busy to explain everything over a text message and that he would call me because he cares that much about his made-up excuse of having me as a friend. A friendship that he thinks could have a slight chance of being more than just friends that maybe… JUST MAYBE. UGH.

It took me a year to get over Beppe and when I finally said to myself to stop crying and move on, that’s when I literally stop wishing for “maybes.” I clearly gave up and stopped chasing empty pavements of hoping Beppe and I can get back with each other.

It was all just a SUMMER FLING!

Seriously, I’ve seen this ex move before: they see you all happy with someone and they try so HARD to get you to like them back.



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