Day 1: Crafting addiction.

A few months ago, I’ve started creating small projects like making feathered hair clips and sticking buttons on bobby pins. 

8 months later,

I’m crafting charms for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets out of clay. Michaels and AC Moore have been my two favorite shops over clothing stores. I signed up for coupons and reward cards. I would regularly check on discounts- every freakin’ day. Crafting handmade jewelry has been my hobby and it’s becoming my addiction.

I’ve made several earrings and bracelets – some of which I tried selling in Etsy, but has NO customer since I opened it in September. I am happy that I don’t have any customers yet, because I have loads of time crafting instead of worrying about packaging.

In the other hand, my head keeps telling me,

You know, you still need to study for your nursing board exam right? You’ve postponed it for a month already!

Right. Well… my right brain seems to be taking over. I’m sad to say that I’m enjoying crafting instead of reading about how the human body works. Somehow, I’ve lost interest in nursing and started wondering if maybe I should just rely on making jewelry and possibly going to art school and pursue fashion or being a jeweler.

Nah. It’s just a hobby, but why do I have this growing passion that wants to keep on making and building. It’s crazy, but I LOVE IT.

I’ve been quite antisocial lately too, because I’ve been draining all my energy on creating charms. I don’t have enough energy to even stay up and wait for Ricky to get on Skype. I even bailed out on my girlfriend for a dinner -chatter.

I don’t know, I felt like I haven’t had an “alone” time with myself in a long time,

But truly, I’M LOVIN IT.


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