Day 23: Alcohol? Psh, I’m Wonder Woman!

I’ve got to admit, my last post was quite surprising to me because I didn’t think I’d actually press the “Publish” button.

It’s been days since I’ve announced that my ex Italian boyfriend, Giuseppe or Beppe, is coming back to the United States after leaving for Italy. It’s been two years since I saw him and we didn’t really end things in a bad ultimatum. His visa was about to expire and he had to go home. We didn’t break up for a bad reason, which would have led us to stop talking. Instead, we thought we should go on separate ways and maybe we could get back together after two years. Well… two years came around and I’ve fallen for someone else, my best friend Ricky.

I have told one of my friends, Rami, that Giuseppe is coming back. Our conversation almost made me angry because I hate how he assumes:

Rami: “So… he’s coming back huh. Heh… Khrissstine! I know how you feel…”

ME: “What… what do I feel?”

Rami: “You’re confused! You’re confused because he’s coming back.”

ME: “Wtf, why would I be? I’m alright dating Ricky and so many things have happened. Why would I still have feelings for him?”

Rami: “Well, it’s just how you reacted after the last time we had a party at my place.”

ME: “No Rami, it’s different. You don’t know me well enough.”

Rami: “Oh yes, I know you Khristine.”

I took a long breath because I almost threw him a fit for thinking that. It’s almost like saying I’m not in love with Ricky. To lighten things up, I proposed that he, Giuseppe, Ricky and I should throw a party at his place:

Rami: “Okay, well as long you don’t drink.”

ME: “What do you mean I couldn’t drink. Of course I want to!”

Rami: “We can’t have shit coming down at my house again. And you’ve got to watch out because you might say things that might start something bad- between the two.”

ME: “I am not going to fuck up things, just as long as you don’t freakin’ provoke me!”

Rami: “It’s just that the last party, you were still talking about Beppe.”

ME: “No, this time it’s different. We’re going to go to a bar instead, scratch having a party at your place.”

Rami: “Okay… whatever you say. Maybe we can go to a hookah bar.”

ME: “No. That’s lame, we go out to an actual bar.”

Rami: “Alright.”

First of all, I do admit that I was so drunk the last time we hung out that I started talking about Giuseppe when Ricky was around. The only reason why that started is because earlier that night, Rami kept on going on and on about Giuseppe. It was almost like he made me fuel my frustrations to come out. After knowing Rami for almost 4 years, he does that to show to the other people my “different stages” when drunk. To him it’s funny, but for me, it’s very embarrassing. I don’t know why he’s doing that. Anyways, you might be thinking it’s better not to drink when we all hang out together with Giuseppe, but hear me out on this! If we do this at a bar, I tend to behave better because I know I can’t cause drama because I might get kicked out. If we do this at someone else’s house, there’s no bouncer so I can pretty much do whatever fuck I want. Honestly, I want to drink to prove that even with alcohol, I am stable emotionally, I am different from two years ago and I am happier with Ricky. This is a challenge and I want to prove Rami wrong and prove Giuseppe that I’m over him. I want to, of course, prove to Ricky that I love him and that I’m stronger.

Of course, I’ll be smart enough not to get too drunk. I’m tiny so alcohol flows fast inside my body: 2 straight shots, I’m tipsy. Yep. That’s pretty bad!  After drinking heavily from the past, I’ve learned that my liver is most satisfied when I drink either beer or wine over hard liquor. So I’m sticking to those. I am NOT taking shots because those will definitely fuck me up. That’s like a short cut to danger zone. Also, stuffing my face with a fat cheeseburger before drinking will help me out even if I do end up taking 1 or 2 shots. Water in between alcoholic drinks is quite helpful too! I’ve learned some secrets to overcome drunked-ness. Now it’s just a matter of really overcoming stupidity of going recklessly drunk.

So… bring it on! I’m kinda excited in proving people wrong.

Anyways, what other secrets can you share to help me not to get too drunk? Please do share! It will help 😀


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