Day 21: You know, you need to study…eventually.

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I’m not suppose to be blogging right now, but it’s so much interesting than studying for my nursing board exam.

The days are ending too quickly, a week has gone by and I’ve got less than a month until I take my exam. I don’t feel pressured- as a matter of fact, I am good at suppressing the possibility that I might fail my test and waste the $300 or so dollars I paid to register. I mean, eventually… I’ll sit down and study. Not now, maybe a little later…I think I’ve said that more than a hundred times now.

I am lazy. I love procrastinating and I’m certain that eventually, I’m going to end up cramming. I know it’s so bad, but it’s been hard to sit on a chair, in front of my NCLEX review book without going through the internet or without dozing off. UGH… it’s just frustrating that I’ve learned and studied the contents of the test for a year and I’m failing at wrapping them all together before I take the test. I’m basically having a hard time in concentrating. Come on, who likes to study? I used to love it because I was learning new things, but when I’ve been tested far too many times for the new things I’ve learned, it’s gotten so hard to have that same vigor to study.

I know that I’m smart. I know that I have the brains to pass that test, but I’m failing at getting myself into reviewing.

Every time I open my gigantic green NCLEX review book, I sigh. I suddenly feel extremely tired as if the book sucked my energy out from opening it. Reading the book is torturous because I keep reading the same reminders: “Side effects involve nausea and vomiting,” “Check for vital signs,” “Notify the physician.” It’s also quite frustrating to study by the fact that it’s comprehensive. There is so much to know! Let me give you an idea:

I have to know:

– Normal vital signs like normal heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, BMI, weight for a pregnant woman, a baby, etc,

– Patient teaching on immunizations, drug information, surgical care/ information

– Diseases involving maternity, pediatrics and adult health

– Normal lab values: red blood cells, white blood cells, serum albumin, clotting factors, clotting time, BUN, creatinine, ketones, blood & urine pH, etc

– Nursing interventions on different diseases involving the different systems of the body

– Drug interactions, side effects, complications, reminders

– And all the relationship of the entire thing I listed on identifying which disease involves appropriate nursing interventions.

And the list goes on and on.

Honestly, from listing the different things I need to know, I am starting to realize that I am becoming quite stressed out. I don’t know where to begin on studying. UGH…. I’m quite frustrated and I need help.

How do I concentrate and study? How do I start?

I hope I pass my test….


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