Day 9: Craving for freedom.

I crave to put on make- up and dress up for no reason.

I miss locking myself in my room- crafting until dawn and letting all my ideas out.

I didn’t mind getting lost in my own world.

I want to forget about everything for even just a week.

I crave… to live.

I want to lay on the beach with my jiggly body being baked under the sun.

I don’t mind if I’m out of shape.

I want to smell the salty air, feel the warm breeze and sweat all over.

I wish I could just go to the beach.

Summer’s almost gone, what have I done?

I sat everyday either studying, listening to lectures or helping an old lady feed herself.

All year, I craved for the sun’s hot kisses.

I always tan every year but this time, I’m bloody pale.

Pale like a porcelain doll, well… not THAT pale.

I’m “asian” pale.

I envy pictures of beach trips, sunburns and sunglasses.

I envy people enjoying their vacation while I stay indoors.

How could I let myself spend my time like this?

Of course, I have to sacrifice something to become somebody.

In time, I’ll look back and cherish these days.

Someday, I’ll have my own time too.


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