Day 7: Meet the dudes

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Yesterday, Ricky invited me to his grill get together with his buddies to watch the UFC championship.

Now, now, don’t you get any ideas that I know anything about boxing-wrestling, or whatever UFC is. I just know that it’s a fighting match. What matters is, Ricky finally wanted me to meet a few of his guy buddies. Finally!

Earlier that day, I took my Math final test and I’m absolutely happy that I’ve accomplished one major thing out of the other few many things I have to do. I figured it would be a great way to celebrate by simply watching the UFC match with a bunch of dudes. I mean, at first, I didn’t know if I’ll survive through it, but I’m just looking forward in drinking beer and to finally get a picture of what Ricky’s guy buddies are like.

I was completely unprepared, meaning: I didn’t put any make-up on, I didn’t put any effort in dressing up at all. I had a blue and white stripped- button down shirt, short jeans and blue sandals. My hair was completely frizzy since I took a shower earlier that day. My eyes had dark circles from lack of sleep and they appeared hell a lot chinkier than usual. Despite the fact that I like getting all dolled up and feeling pretty good about myself  before I meet new people, I figured I’d count this occasion as an exception. I want to be okay, I don’t want to feel too fake, too overworked or that I appear as if I tried hard to get accepted. I wasn’t even that nervous in meeting Ricky’s friends. I’ve put this in my head instead: “Just be yourself. Let it all be. Let go and have fun. Besides, the more you put too much stress on trying to impress people, the more likely you won’t succeed.”

It was awkward at first like any other encounter I’ve had with new people. I noticed that his friends tend to look at Ricky and avoided any possible sight of me even if it was I, who inquired about a question. Zack, whom I thought was Arabic but turned out to be white, barely made any eye contact with me. Harry, who was a Korean dude and who is apparently making bank, seemed shy and reserved. If you think I felt insecure with Zack and Harry’s first impressions, I didn’t let that get in the way. I remained calm, I remained to be the same me: normal, jokes with Ricky and tried to be helpful in configuring the television. Somehow, it seemed to work.

Pretty soon, Zack asked how Ricky and I met, Harry asked how old I am and what I do. We’ve made jokes and we’ve watched the movie Project X while we waited for the match to come on. When Ricky’s third friend, Kevin, came along with his girlfriend, Ann, Ricky, Zack and Harry shifted their eyes to her. Apparently, according to Ricky, Ann is infamous for being pouty when she and Kevin are hanging out with the fellas. She’s nice at first but when the night progressed, she becomes bitchier. Funny thing is, she reminded me of myself way back when I was dating my first serious boyfriend, Dave. I didn’t like Dave’s friends and I didn’t like what they did: drugs. I hated hanging out with them, but somehow, I have learned through my past boyfriends after him, the importance of friendship. There’s one thing for certain, if you can’t relate with your boyfriend’s buddies then let them be and don’t restrict them! It’s like having a boyfriend who restricts you from hanging out with your girl friends. How unfair is that?!

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I kind of understand Ann because of the fact that like me, I have no interest in UFC. That’s mostly guy’s stuff! Of course, any regular girl would feel out of place or bored because it’s a damn fight that we girls aren’t too interested about. It’s like having a guy come with us girls to shop. Doesn’t that feel too draggy and too annoying? But what I don’t understand is that, why did Ann come over with her boyfriend when she knows that she won’t like watching the fight? Let her boyfriend have fun with the guys and do her own thing. What she did all night was pout and ignored my offer for her to drink. I tried to have her join in with our shots, hoping that she’ll loosen up a bit, but she hesitated. She said she was fine. Girl, she ain’t fine at all! I can see it all over her face!

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I am not a fan of UFC, but when I watched it more, I was having a lot of fun than I’ve expected. The guys were betting on who’s wining on the opening fights and I joined in too. One time, there was a match between Tito Ortiz vs Griffin. Zack and I rooted for Griffin and Ricky rooted for Tito. I was immensely at the edge of my seat rooting for Griffin and wanting him to throw more kicks and fists. I was so hyped up that I didn’t want to lose my $5.00 to Ricky. In the end, Griffin won! Yeah!!!!!

There were times that I didn’t know why certain things were this and that so I figured that I’d ask. I think that even though I wasn’t into UFC, I somehow managed to have fun with Ricky’s friends. After all, they didn’t just concentrate on the fight, they shit talked about the fighters’ stupidity, their looks and they even talked about other stuff about their other friends, their pasts and I was glad that they were filling me in on stuff that I had no idea. I felt like even if they are guys, they are almost like girls but had more manly interests. They may seem to be all hyped up into sports, but they do, just like girls, talk about other stuff like life too.

As soon as the fight ended, Kevin and Ann left Ricky’s place. We figured Ann was too bored and Kevin had to take her home before he hears crap about it. But you know, they missed out so much after that. All four of us played Street Fighter and Soul Caliber. I’m glad I grew up as a tomboy playing fight games with my brother and my sister. I was able to beat Zack and Harry but to my discontentment, I wasn’t been able to beat Ricky when I typically do especially in Tekken!

Later that night, we enjoyed talking about life while Ricky was setting up his hookah. I find it interesting that Zack and Harry asked me about some girl relationship advice. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I also noticed that it was funny how Zack and Harry know my name right away. They sound as if they’ve been saying it a lot more than I’ve said any of their names. I wonder, how much does Ricky talk about me when he’s around them?

I must say, after three weeks of long working hours and studying nonstop, I haven’t had so much fun since last night. I think Ricky, too, loves the fact that I enjoyed myself with his friend’s company. He thinks I’m cool because I was talking unlike Ann who pouted all night. Hopefully, next time, we all wouldn’t be strangers anymore.


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