Day 6: Rant. Rant. Rant.

I am very tired.

I work for about 65 hours a week and spend the rest of my time finishing up nursing school- drowned with final tests- and on top of that, I’m also taking one math online summer class which is horribly challenging for me.

I’m working for free.

I work for my mom, err… it’s a long story. I dare not elaborate, but it does involve paying for the house I live in, my car, my gas, and the food I eat, but I never get a chance to actually have the money come out of my bank account, let alone my own pocket. My mom simply takes the money and handles it herself. Fact is, she doesn’t even pay for my tuition. So yeah, bloody effing 65 hours of no pay. I bet you, that 65 hours weekly for $15 per hour is enough for me to move out and have my own place. Do the math. Heh.

I am at the  edge of knocking myself down with a bottle o’ rum and vodka. I am literally drowned in integrated and accumulative tests about drugs, medical pathologies and nursing interventions. A year worth of studying comes down to a month of “connecting the dots” and putting the last “icing” on the cake, as my instructor repeatedly tells us in class. How stupendously annoying is that?! It’s fucking HARD! You literally have to dig into your brain, take out that knowledge buried deep beneath other information that you’ve piled every waking hour, every day, every week and even for months! Tests and clinical simulations are given weekly and if you fail, your failure adds up and if you didn’t make it, you DON’T graduate, which means, you don’t get your diploma, hence you don’t get the “go-signal” to take the nursing licensure exam! Which ultimately means, YOU DON’T BECOME A NURSE AFTER A YEAR OF STUDYING YOUR ASS OFF with no winter and no spring breaks. DAMN.

Taking a math class doesn’t make things easier. In fact, it makes me feel like I’m choking myself to death.  I’ve tried to stuff my brain with formulas, crammed it with computations, and squeezed in a few things to memorize. I definitely know that memorizing problems wouldn’t benefit me and I’d probably lose my memory on the day of the test. But hey, if that’s what I need to do to pass, then so be it.

I know my mom needs to go back home to the Philippines and tend to my dying grandmother, but I am literally very tired and it’s not giving me any justice to open my books and study.  Rather than studying, My brain only wants to shut itself off in hopes of compensating for sleep. So how am I suppose to study? I need sleep first.


If I wasn’t studying for my nursing license, I don’t mind working 65 hours weekly with no pay. I really don’t.

But if I have something else far more important to do, like say… pass my exit exams to get my diploma so that I can take my board exam, then I think I deserve to have at least some kind of break- from working.

I feel like… almost giving up and just shutting my eyes off and crying.

I really want to pass and I’m very scared that I won’t.

I’m so tired.

Please… pray or hope so hard that I would pass.



3 thoughts on “Day 6: Rant. Rant. Rant.

  1. Wow, a year worth of studying coming down to that brief measure, connecting the dots. Hang in there – & try not to knock yourself out with rum&vodka – Lordy knows that mind led me astray!

    You sound like you’ve got a good sense of humour. You should feel good after a rant (I do!).

    Cheers 🙂

    You are not in my blogs. You are not in the family. The only way you could be in my blogs is by publicly commenting, drawing interest &

  2. ❤ I KNOW that you will do well. I can only imagine how nerve racking and exhausting this will all be, but I am positive you will pass with FLYING colours, and this will all work out for you in the end! ❤ THINKING AND SENDING SO MANY POSITIVE THOUGHTS YOUR WAY

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