Day 2: Stay behind.

Everyone’s out for the summer break, while I am still stuck and buried in my books.


Ricky and his friend, Jeff, who came all the way from Cali for the week, decided to spend the weekend in Richmond, instead of hoping on a bus to NYC. It was a last minute thing as Ricky have mentioned to me earlier.

Gee, I would absolutely love to go to Richmond! I never, ever, EVER turn down Ricky’s offer ever since we dated! I know it will be fun since most of his friends are getting together. I want to go so badly because I get to finally meet most of his friends and be known as the official girlfriend. But you know… it seems that I haven’t been destined to meet all of Ricky’s friends yet. I’ve met some, but not all his guy buddies.

The reason why I haven’t met them it’s because they live in different states or they are just inactively interacting with Ricky constantly. Jeff, who’s majoring in sports health, is currently residing in Cali. Patrick is currently working in NYC as a photographer for a well-known brand. Garett is still in VCU (for 7 years) and is still undecided of his major. Zack, who is apparently in our area, is rarely seen with Ricky.

Of course, there were instances when I had the chance to meet them all or a few of them, but strange coincidences happen. Last New Year’s Eve, I had plans of ringing the new year with a couple of beers with Ricky and his buddies. I was so excited and quite nervous, but I had to stay at home and celebrate New Year’s with my parents since none of my siblings were around. I felt utter guilt in leaving them, so out of gratitude and for placing much importance on my parents, I stayed behind. What can I do? My parents begged me to stay. I gave in.

The last time Ricky and I went to Richmond, we met one of his coolest friends. I was expecting all of them, but only one stood out the most: Muffin. Well, they call her Muffin. She was absolutely the funniest, white-washed, black lesbian chick I’ve ever known. She is totally cool and very nice. I have that comfortable and trusty- vibe in her. I wished that Ricky and I could have spent more time with her, but we were under time constraints. It was only a weekend and she had to work.

This weekend, I know I’m going to be missing out a lot. Jeff is for certain going to be there, so will Garett, and Emma, who is also a friend of Ricky’s and Muffin’s. I’m not sure if Muffin is going to be there since Ricky told me she attended a musical festival. Ricky’s going to get drunk for the weekend and I’ll be stone- cold sober.

I couldn’t go with him there because of the “IMPORTANT” reasons:

1. First and foremost, it was a last-minute thing. I was planning on doing some room-cleaning.

2. I am wayyyyy behind in my school work. I have two months left for graduation and the amount of school work has been intensified to level 3 out of 3. I’ve got to study for my state board exam soon!

3. My mom wants to go on a day-trip to the beach and she has been inviting me to go since earlier this week. I was thinking Ricky is going to NYC this weekend, so I didn’t have any problems of getting tanned at the beach, but when Richmond came out of his mouth, I began to think, I would rather be drinking beer in Belle Isle with his friends. But of course, I can’t leave my mom alone this weekend. Dad’s working hard core and she needed a break from her work as well. I’ll be the goody-good daughter and stay behind. Yep.

But you know, I’m trying my best to see the light in all these things.

Maybe it’s not meant for me to meet all his friends yet. NOT just yet. I mean, won’t you want to introduce your special someone of dating him or her for a year or more versus only 4 months? Also, I’d rather skip Richmond this weekend and work more on getting my license as a nurse so that I can have something to proudly hold on to. I mean, I’ve worked on it for a year and I can’t let it go because of a weekend. Besides, there are plenty more weekends to come and plenty more chances of meeting Ricky’s friends. It all takes time. If it’s not meant to be right now, then later it shall be.


8 thoughts on “Day 2: Stay behind.

  1. AH those decisions are the hardest to make, but in my opinion I think you’re making the right one! Just before I got pregnant with Evalyn, my mom and I always had tuesday night movie dates.. some nights were hard.. because all I wanted to do was spend time with my boyfriend or my friends..
    but now looking back, those were some of the best times with someone who is so important to me, of course I know I would have had fun otherwise aswell.. but, I’m SO one for putting those mommy-daughter dates above other things.. same with my dates with my dad. I always make sure family comes number one.

    Also.. you’re schooling, definitely a good reason to not go!!!

    It does suck.. but in the long run, there will still be a time for you to meet them, AND you will have your schooling finished soon enough!!!! YAY!!!

  2. awwww thank you so much for your kind and supportive words.
    I had so much fun with my mom, but Ricky’s been in my head all day long.
    He hasn’t texted me and today’s our 4-month.
    Well… I mean a text wouldn’t hurt.
    Also… I’m just a tad jealous that he’s prolly out drinking and being a free bird. I’m quite jealous.
    Oh well.
    I’ll have my time too 😉


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