Day 30: Let’s reboot.

I couldn’t take it anymore! My phone cannot stay on without being plugged into the charger. Ms. G2 phone cannot stay in the charger forever you know! Also, the hassle of finding a plug-in source makes it all inconvenient. I need my phone to live for more than 5 minutes!

I couldn’t bare it anymore, so I took my G2 phone to T-mobile and to my heart’s content, I was due for an upgrade! Yey! Just in time for my birthday + graduation. Apparently, it was a battery problem and it could have been remedied if I went to a battery store, but you know, the talkative, flirty and happy salesman didn’t let me out without having to purchase a new android phone! I fell for the trap and replaced Ms. G2 phone for Ms. HTC Sense.

Of course I had to get the pink case!

The original price of the HTC Sense was around 500 and it went down to about 200 something dollars for the upgrade. I sort of miss the keyboard on the G2 phone as it makes texting way faster and easier than the virtual keypad found on the HTC Sense. Also, I’m a bit mourning on Ms G2 phone as it’s filled with memories…

Memories worth of two years of me being all crazy about dating seasonal boyfriends, going nowhere in life but home, living in the moment and not knowing what to do with my life. That phone took and saved memories of pictures and messages. In a weird way, it was my diary. It symbolized everything I went through in that grueling, dark and painful two years. And now… to look at it lifeless, dead and worthless on my desk sort of gave me a resolution: an ending. Two years of fooling like a kid went by and now, I feel like I’ve upgraded my life just a bit. I’m no longer lost in what I want in life, I know what I want to be. I’m no longer relying on what’s easy, what’s handled faster, but something challenging and harder whether it could be my long nursing pathway to my masters or my relationship with Ricky. This is it. This is where my path starts. This is where I upgrade!

[Ricky hated my phone. He doesn’t know that I’ve got a new one. I hope he likes the upgrade ;)]

So… could this be the end of another chapter?!

You’ll find out soon enough 😀

…On to Day 1 again!


5 thoughts on “Day 30: Let’s reboot.

  1. DAY #1 over here is going amazing. Blog is deleted and WHOLE BRAND NEW SITE made.
    Pinterest – GONE.

    ( I was really excited to tell you haha)

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