Day 28: I’m almost there!

When May comes around, other than it being my birth month, it also signifies graduation ceremonies.

Today, I found out that my graduation day is on August 5th and I’m very much excited! But there’s a rough road ahead.

By rough road, I mean…final subject exams, comprehensive exams, and the board exam.

But I’m very close to being a practicing nurse.


Also, I’m very close to gaining an Associates in General Studies!

I know it’s not much, but I love that I am accomplishing things that I didn’t think was possible two years ago… when I was

completely undecided as to what I wanted to do in my life. I am so happy that I’m veryyyy close!


I can see the finish line. And then… RN nursing school is beyond that. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Day 28: I’m almost there!

  1. Hahaha… It feels good to be almost there! But it’s a small accomplishment compared to the many milestones that I’ll need to finish. At least I’m making a move! 😀

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