Day 27: ‘X’-letters, should I toss them out?

My old Sketchers-shoebox

I have been doing some spring cleaning and I’ve managed to dig out a shoebox full of mementos and letters from people I don’t talk to anymore, from friends that are still hanging around and from past lovers who are no longer involved with me.

A few letters I’ve recently read from my exes.

I’ve gone through every letter and gifts and I don’t even know why I’m keeping them all. Maybe it’s because they remind me of how much I’ve changed and it’s almost like the shoebox is a time warp. It’s fun to reminisce and realize that no matter how awkward or how things didn’t turn out as I have expected, everything somehow manages to fall right back to where it’s suppose to be.

My ex-Italian boyfriend, Giuseppe, gave me these letters and the monkey.

I’m guilty to admit that there are a few things that I’m still using that came from my exes. I still sleep with the monkey that my ex Italian boyfriend gave me. Ricky has seen it through Skype that I’ve been sleeping with my monkey and according to him, it doesn’t bother him at all. Probably the reason why I sleep with the monkey it’s because… it’s actually cute and not because I miss the person who gave it to me. Now, if Ricky gave me his version of a stuffed animal, then I’ll put that monkey somewhere else and replace it with what Ricky gave me.

I’ve also received this beautiful jewelry box from Germany when my ex-army boyfriend went there for a mission.

The Swarovski jewelry set from one of my exes lives inside that jewelry box.

It’s hard to throw them away. Not because they are given by people who used to be very close to my heart, but because those things have become part of my life. Those memories and souvenirs remind me of how far I’ve come through in my life.

I’m turning 22 soon and it’s nice to remember that with all the challenges I’ve faced, I’m still alive  and making more memories and receiving more mementos.

So, to end this post, I want to know what your insight on this topic:




5 thoughts on “Day 27: ‘X’-letters, should I toss them out?

  1. Honestly, if it’s just a good memory.. or just something to look back at and kind of laugh, and remember how you used to be. There’s NO harm in keeping them.
    You’re not keeping them to hold ONTO the actual person who sent them, it was just a time in your life.
    I think if you want to keep them DO IT.
    If they don’t mean anything to you.. and they’re just taking up space, toss em! But either way, it’s not wrong. In my opinion.

    • You are right, there’s nothing wrong in them. That’s probably why I keep them 🙂

      In a serious matter……….

      You’re making me cry…. NOOOO!!!!

      • NO NEVER!!! I just had to change the address…
        Some people found it who I didn’t want to find it.. so much drama =(

      • OKAY! COOLNESS! I will update your link on my blogroll. I totally almost cried when I couldn’t access your site. I was like…. NOOOO !!! I lost another good friend 😦 But you’re still around, so you made me super happy! 😀 I’m sorry that people found your blog… does Donny know about it?

      • Yeah, it’s his ex who found it…… and it’s a lot of drama there, so he suggested changing the site address! Had to change my pinterest too.. UGH

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