Day 26: My birthmonth finally came!

I’m turning 22 soon !!!

I guess I have every right to celebrate!

I haven’t been active in blogging lately. I don’t know, it seems like I lost interest in almost anything: from crafting to blogging. I’m quite depressed right now and I’m desperate to have friends.

I hate the word “desperate.” But it’s what I feel right now.

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I do have some “friends” but they are either far away or we don’t relate to each other as much as we did before. I do have Ricky as my boyfriend and a friend, but I need FRIENDS especially girls. I feel like I’m in my own boat and the rest of my girl friends have their own cliques now. I can’t even relate to most of them anymore! I find that their drama is sooo high school and I want some decent, quality time together without having drama about boys.

Sometimes, I feel like looking for girl-friends is almost like looking for a relationship. I remember my best friend Faith advised me to be single for awhile after dating seasonal boyfriends and to accept being alone. I learned to accept the joys of being single and eventually, Ricky and I started getting intimate without me expecting us jumping into a relationship.

Now, my boyfriend Ricky, advised me to be happy being alone and that the “right” friends will come along eventually. So I guess all I have to do is to truly be alone and maybe… there’s a hope for having trusted friends.

Whatever. I hate being alone, but if I must, then so be it.


4 thoughts on “Day 26: My birthmonth finally came!

  1. 😦 That’s sad to hear that you are feeling like this…
    What day is your birthday?
    Honestly it’s so hard when you get stuck in that spot, when you feel like you have no one to talk to, but sersiously, from what I can gather of you just through reading your blog, some friend is going to find themself winning the friend lottery when they get you!
    I hope you start feeling more UP soon..

    • Awww you are sooo sweet!!!!! I think the only reason why I’m depressed because I was PMSing, but I do hope that eventually, I’ll find the right friends.

      My birthday is in a week! (the 16th!) I don’t like bragging about my bday, but it seems like I have every right to lol

  2. I’m upset that you are feeling this way. I know you are looking for female friends and close to you but if you want a male friend who is far away and your boyfriend doesn’t mind, we can always email one another.

    It would be nice if it is only PMS and you feel better soon. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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