Day 23: Love of my life.


To wake up next to you every morning,

To face every challenges we go through hand in hand,

To kiss you even after we “argue” on certain beliefs that we disagree on,

To share our most unforgettable stories and experiences with you even if it’s 2 am in the morning,

To have a chance to wear your ring for the rest of my life,

To give you the best that I can offer to make you happy,

To share every laughter with you for every waking days of my life,

To watch us grow together in sickness, health, poverty or richness,

And to pave our future together not on one path, but side by side,

Are such a heavenly way of living, mahal ko (my love).

Te quiero muchos, mi amor.



2 thoughts on “Day 23: Love of my life.

  1. Ok seriously. Cutest. Ever.
    I love love. I love how lovey you guys are. Makes my heart happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I come to your wedding? HAHA

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