Day 19: Ghosts, Boobies, and Marriage? Huh?

So much has happened over the weekend and I think it would be better to place it all in one post and have a recap.

Do you believe in ghosts?!

I’ve got mixed feelings about this topic. I kinda believe in ghosts and sometimes I deny their existence in hopes of not witnessing a stress-induced phenomena. But yes, I do believe that such things like spirits and ghosts exists. Last Saturday night, nearing midnight, Ricky and I were about to pull in through a parking space by his house, when I saw a shadow creeping through his living room window. I thought it must have been a man and it could have been his dad, but the coincidence got my attention. I had a feeling that the shadow seems like it was expecting us because it pulled the curtains aside and peaked through the window as soon as Ricky and I were pulling in. I even blurted out to Ricky, “Oh, someone’s looking through your window.” But it’s weird because I’ve been into Ricky’s so many times before that I never had the feeling that someone was expecting our arrival.The next morning, I insisted Ricky to ask his parents and his sister if they were peaking through the windows last night. Both his parents were asleep and his sister, Bella wasn’t there when Ricky and I arrived in his house. However, when Ricky’s mom told us that the previous night was her brother’s death anniversary (he died around midnight), I felt my insides shudder. She said that every death anniversary day, there is a strange phenomena that happens. I felt an eerie tingle in my skin as I looked at the living room where that shadow stood. For once in my life, I’ve never seen a shadow or a ghost. In hopes of lessening the rising tension, I told Ricky sarcastically,”Well, I guess I met your uncle last night.” And seeing was something different, something quite scarier.

Mind you, that wasn’t my first encounter of a ghost. I used to live in a two-story house where the second floor was left abandoned as a storage and as a temple of my grandmother’s love for my dead uncle (mom’s side). Every midnight, my family and I would hear footsteps on the second floor and the radio would turn on loudly. No one goes up there that late, not even my grandmother who only had keys to the top part of the house. The footsteps are so memorable to me that to this day, I can remember the “tick-tack” sound coming from what seemed like- a pair of vintage 70s pimp shoes that would walk loudly on wooden floor. The radio station that we tried to look for in our own radio was never found. Through growing up in that house where ghost appearances from past suicidal tenants were commonly encountered, it seems that it had me quite used to the strangeness of being surrounded by spirits. I know there were spirits lingering around when I’m alone in that house, but they never appeared right in front of my face. They knew me and so they never bothered me at all.

Strange enough, my uncle died almost 30 years ago and Ricky’s uncle died 20 some years ago too. I’ve encountered my dead uncle through his rambling footsteps and I’ve seen Ricky’s uncle’s shadow a few nights ago. Also, that Saturday night, Ricky and I were discussing about marriage before we went to his house. I guess seeing Ricky’s uncle meant he formally said “Yes, you can marry my nephew. Also, nice to meet you.” Ha…ha…ha.

Breast test VS. Weight gain?

I went to see the “girl-doctor” (OB/GYN MD) today. It seemed that I was more worried about my weight gain more than the “cyst” found on my left breast of which I will be going through with a mammogram and a (painful) needle biopsy. I found that from 132 lbs., I jumped to 136 lbs! WTF. But, I’ve been exercising 3x a week and I do sweat, I eat veggies and I don’t eat out as much as I used to. HOW DID I EARN 4 POUNDS AND WHERE IS IT DEPOSITED INTO?! I DON’T SEE IT. Seriously, my weight gain brought me so much disappointment that I forgot that I went to see the doctor to get my breast examined  (which is way serious than a weight gain FYI!).

Why don’t we just get married?

I think that heading says it all. I was sitting in Chipotle with Ricky last Saturday night when he began to ask,

“Why don’t we just get married?”

“OMG… are you serious?”


“When do you plan on getting married?”

“How about… tonight?”


“Okay, so is tomorrow good for you?”


We both know that we need to wait. But we’re so tempted to jump and just let it all be. I know Ricky’s the one. He believes I’m the one. It’s not like we’ve just met each other or that we’re going to make babies right after marriage. I guess the idea of waking up next to him makes everything so perfect and spending an eternity with him is something I would love to look forward to.

But like how that song goes… “Only fools rush in.”

My weekend’s been quite random. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Ghosts, Boobies, and Marriage? Huh?

  1. I’m glad your boobies are OK and getting taken care of HAHA. It’s scary the whole cyst situation. I had a cyst on my ovaries 2 years ago now.. and I thought I was dying. The pain was worse than childbirth. Seriously. I was so scared . This was before Donny and I had Luci and we were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to have a child of our own. Everything turned out A OK though. But the whole ordeal is terrifying. I’m sure they’ll find out your cysts are have zero cancer in them, and I wish you luck on the whole process. ugh.\sdfkhjasdfasdf gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    on the ghosts. That scares the craap out of me. My mom is dealing with similar stuff in her home and at her work. I told her , it’s her not the places.. and now she’s even more scared. Someone..something ACTUALLY kicked the door in at her work. On the video tape though, like their surveilance tapes.. there was NO ONE there doing it. creepy.

    And on the marriage thing omg. So exciting when you feel like that. ❤ Do what you want. Rush in or dont. You only live once.

    • I love getting feedbacks from you Fawn! I feel like you’re my favorite person in here 😉 Thank you sooo much for being so concerned!
      I can tell that from reading your blog and from the way you respond, you are really a nice person!

      I hope you are well with your ovaries. I’m glad that everything went great with you! I think I’ll be okay. Everything will be okay.

      Ghosts are real. AND oh em gee… it sounds like your mom is going through a terrible time with that. Is she okay now?

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