Day 18: Meet my new best friend!

Ricky will always be my #1 best friend, but someone’s competing with him recently…

Everyone meet Ms. YGG= short for Ms. Yellow Glue Gun!

My room’s been a mess since Ms. YGG and her other ‘crafty’ friends have been throwing house parties in my crib.

We were ‘hooking’ up with threads and fabrics until midnight.

Ms. YGG was bought for $4.99 (originally $8.99) because it was on sale. I wanted to buy her other competitor who was cordless and more expensive, but her yellow color attracted me. She’s amazing. She doesn’t talk much, but she does her magic really well. I thought she wasn’t tacky enough for sticking things together but it turns out that she has to be really hot to successfully glue things together. She’s really amazing. She keeps everyone in my ‘crafty’ department together.


Ricky’s still my best friend. I hope he doesn’t get super jealous.

Here’s what Ms. YGG and I finished today! Messy yellow earrings. It’s yellow too. Isn’t that a coincidence?


7 thoughts on “Day 18: Meet my new best friend!

  1. omg AMAZING. GOD. I need to jump on this crafty train.. I still keep talking, and have a list of things I wanna make but don’t act on it. I LOVE the earings. CREATIVE

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