Day 17: Would you wear these?

I don’t know what went through in my mind for the past two weeks, but I started to craft homemade accessories. I think I remember looking at a picture of several bobby pins with buttons sewn onto them one Sunday when I tried my hardest to study for a final test. I got distracted to the point of creating my own and made a post about it.

When I’ve successfully made my own bobby pins, I started looking for “DIY” (Do-it-yourself) tutorials for homemade accessories. I found so many pictures and sites and I had so much projects going through my mind. I went and got myself an AC Moore rewards card because I know I’ve been going there almost everyday, as much as I can. I purchased a jewelry tool kit (for 50% off! What a deal!), earring locks, earring loops and such. I was utterly inspired and I thought I found a new hobby!

So here’s what I came up with:

These are all the earrings I’ve done so far.

Most of the fabrics I used were from old clothes I had and some were bought from a thrift store.

The purple earrings are so special to me because the yarn that I used was bought by Ricky. When he found out I started crafting for hair accessories, he randomly bought me a scented lavender yarn. Aww. He’s such a sweetheart <3!

The yarn for the dark triangular earrings was originally being used to make a scarf, but I got bored of it and decided to cut it away and used it for the earrings instead.

The feathered hair clip was originally shown from my previous post as well.

This button bracelet has been my favorite to wear! I’ve paired it with almost all my clothes and I’ve got so much compliments from my classmates about it. They said it was cute and they wanted me to make one for them and they would be willing to pay. I don’t mind if they do actually because I’m running out of buttons and I usually don’t have the patience to do another bracelet unless I get compensated 😉

Anyways, I still need to do a few projects, but I’m holding them for awhile since I’ve got to study for a major test and I’ve got to buy me a hot glue because I can’t find mine. Also, people have been asking me to sell these precious ones, but they’re my first work and I don’t know if I have the heart to. I kinda do, but part of me is selfish and wants to be unique!

Now back to the question… if you were a female, would you wear these?


3 thoughts on “Day 17: Would you wear these?

  1. I LOVE THEM! I love the yarn earings the best I think! And those fabric ones..the ones with the black like .. flower pedals! I’d totally wear them! and the yarm ones! and the hair clip! and TOTALLY the BRACLET! you’re talented lady! I love I love! –

    (Also thank you so much for the birthday wishes.. Seriously such a nice comment to get..!!!!!! you’re amazing!!!)

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