Day 14: My boobie hurts.

I found a lump on my left breast 2 or 3 months ago. Over the past months, I’ve noticed  how its shape grew from a small almond into a walnut. It wasn’t as painful as it was lying dormant in my body until I’ve noticed its size. It seems that my left breast has been aching more often than usual and sometimes the pain would radiate from the left aspect of my chest to the rest of my left arm. Sometimes, when I breathe, I feel that it has gotten harder to, almost like my ribcage has been restricted to expand by a band of what it feels like wire.

See, I could have seen a doctor but I don’t have insurance. I didn’t want to bother my parents, especially my mom, because she’s already going through a lot when it comes to my grandma who was diagnosed of terminal lung cancer. My mom, who was also diagnosed with breast lumps before, had hers removed in the Philippines. I would rather go home and get it done, but plane tickets aren’t cheap.

But I have no choice. My mom finally found a female doctor who can examine me. I hope it isn’t serious and I hope it isn’t too expensive! Also, I hope that I won’t lose my B-cup left breast and I really don’t want to go down to a size A!

Ugh… I hope all goes well!


4 thoughts on “Day 14: My boobie hurts.

      • Awww you are soo sweet to remember Fawn! The doctor said it’s a cyst. So I’m scheduled to have a mammogram and a needle biopsy for that cyst. The needle biopsy test is an invasive test and I’m a little scared because my mom had it before and she said it hurts. Oh well, at least it’s nothing major… Hopefully the mammogram will show that it isn’t cancerous or anything. Again! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHECKING IN 😉 I appreciate that !

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