Day 12: Cette une belle chanson…

This song played in the background last night…

I lay flat naked on his cool, soft sheets that swiftly wrapped my body into a cloud of dreamy euphoria, while I looked outside the glass doors into the quiet starry night.

I shifted my gaze to his dark messy hair, his dark eyes that changes into caramel when his desk lamp lights his face. I bit my lips as I irresistibly imagine my soft kisses leave warm and wet touches on his handsome cheeks. I looked at him knowing that his mind is halfway buried into his physics notes and half of it knows that two eyes want to meet his:

La vie ne vaut d’etre vecue sans amour
Mais c’est vous qui l’avez voulu mon amour
Ne vous deplaise
En dansant la Javanaise
Nous nous aimions
Le temps d’une chanson


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