Day 10: Sew me until you bleed

I can’t afford new accessories so I thought I’d make my own.

If I can’t find decent friends, I might as well focus on a new hobby I found that I enjoy doing 😀 : HOMEMADE ACCESSORIES MADE FROM JUNK AND RANDOM TRINKETS !


I used to be in a fashion academy back in high school, so I’ve got a full supply of sewing materials and two packages of buttons, that to this day, are still freshly untouched.

My first project is what Ricky called “Flowers.” I’ve sewn the buttons on the bobby pins and it was such a meticulous thing to do. The buttons kept on moving, but hey it’s my first time to create accessories! I gave these first- three precious things to Ricky. I hope he takes good care of them because they’re my first end-product!

For the second one, I’ve added feathers onto the clip and a button!

The third one is just a regular button glued onto a clip.

I like how the feathers clipped onto my hair.

It almost reminds me of a “Free Bird.”

This third one is a bracelet and I had fun creating this except that I’ve poked my fingers too many times with the needle. My poor fingers pretty much bled just to finish this bracelet. It turned out good, but I don’t have a picture of it! 😦

I’ve got to stop by a thrift store and buy me some fabrics. I’m definitely having a rush of ideas right now!

I hope you enjoy my show and tell! I got bored and I’m glad I’ve been productive…


4 thoughts on “Day 10: Sew me until you bleed

  1. I LOVE The clip with the feathers on it!! AMAZING!!
    Have you ever been on pinterest? I have all these things I want so bad to do .. crafty things.. but I havent tried any yet 😦 ahaha. I love that clip though, and you should post a picture of the bracelet!! It looks like it would turn out really neat!

    • Hahaha, pinterest gave me a lot of ideas and I based most of my basic creations from the pictures in there. It’s really fun to make them and the materials are very cheap! You should try making something.. even with a simple clip, I swear you’ll want to make more! I’ll probably post a picture of the button bracelet in one of my posts 😉

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