Day 8: A day trip to Richmond

Yesterday, I went down to Richmond particularly in the VCU area with Ricky and his sister, Bella. We spent an entire day walking around in the city, exploring scenic views that Ricky knew and loved so much back when he went to VCU to pursue a music major, which he had decided to stop, so he can pursue Lab Medical Technology instead. The first time I went to Richmond with Ricky was back in November of last year around Halloween. It has been my third time to come down and I love the simplicity and the urban hype of Richmond that it’s almost like an escape from reality and somehow, Richmond manages to trigger the inner artsy hiding dormant inside me.

In the summer of 2010, I got accepted to VCU to pursue International Studies and Business, but to my heart’s dismay, I decided to stay because my parents won’t let me and I couldn’t afford having to go there for other financial reasons. It’s alright, it’s just VCU where anyone gets easily accepted to. However, the first time I’ve explored VCU, I wish I could have taken the risk to study there. I’m in love with Richmond… it’s almost like a playground for college kids and it was definitely a place that would almost define me. Every time I go down there, I feel at peace and I seem to connect with myself…it is simply a wonderful place to be.

I wasn’t been able to take lots of pictures because I forgot to charge my camera the night before. I’ve fallen asleep before I managed to plug in my battery to the charger… darn it! Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken in Maymount park in Richmond. It had a huge pond of HUGE Koi- fishes.

While we were walking around, we found this small house or gazebo that had vandalism of written love-proclamations from lovers who visited the park. Ricky started looking for a spot and it seemed like every corner and every wood was taken by faded- out names. We finally found a spot where we both stood on the bench and Ricky started carving “Cooke + Peach” in a heart symbol with his keys, while I stood guard to see if someone was coming to shoo us. Somehow, while I was looking at the little house, I wondered if those lovers carved around our spot were still together. I wish that house didn’t put a curse or even some kind of bad enchantment to my love for Ricky. I want us to stay together forever.

Before we left Richmond, we were able to shop at a thrift store that was selling chic vintage and second-hand bohemian style. The thrift store was different from the ones I’ve gone to in our area because it was highly selective and it was very particular on vintage second-hand clothes from sellers. I read from their site,

We don’t buy in things that are an outdated style. In general, we are looking for lightly worn, stylish clothing or unique vintage pieces. Bring us items that you find value in, not items you would otherwise be donating to a thrift store. All items must be freshly laundered and in good condition. Please check for stains, tears, pilling, missing buttons, etc. and do not bring items with defects.We only buy season appropriate items. You will be wasting our time if you bring in bathing suits in December, or sweaters in June.” Furthermore, “We are selective in what we choose to purchase in order to maintain a stylish mix of clothing.”

Now that’s a thrift store I’d like to go back to.

Ricky, Bella and I, each found different outfits that we thought were such good deals. I made a promise that for every time we go down to Richmond, we’ll need to stop at a thrift store to purchase such reasonable priced clothes. Here’s a few that I’ve purchased for the upcoming spring season… I can’t wait to wear them!

My phone camera sucks, but the skirt is really pretty 😀 The material is nearly something I'd find in Urban Outfitters.

My attempt in pulling off that outfit. I think it looks good. Whacha think? 😀

Even though it will be such a challenge to wear the tops that pretty much exposes my belly, I think I can pull it off! I’ve got time to lose a few belly fat, but I’m not so much concerned as I can hide it through my other skirts… haha clever!

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully, when I go back to Richmond, I’ll take legit pictures with a legit camera.

Writing this post is making me miss Richmond already. That’s okay, I’ve got Ricky to fill me in with Richmond stuff 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 8: A day trip to Richmond

  1. I LOVE the outfits! Especially the second one! I wish we had some decent thrift stores around here, but unfortunately they’re just those mass product places with items you’d buy for $5 anyway about 2 years ago. Sometimes you get lucky though, but you need to have the time and patience to LOOK.
    Love the sound of Richmond.. I’ve only been to the states momentarily for a night when our flight from England back to Canada had to be re routed through Boston, so we spent the night there.. But I still dream of spending time in NYC!!!

  2. I think the best thrift stores are found in cities versus the ones found in the suburbs. It’s hard to find decent ones that are still in style and are cheap and yeah… you do need to time to look. But if thrift stores like that were found everywhere, I don’t think I will ever buy anything new except for special occasions. Plus, when I shop in thrift stores, I tend to be creative with what I usually find which is awesome. Are you Canadian?! omg that’s so cool! I’ve only been in Canada ones… I remember driving from Virginia all the way up there in Niagara Falls with my parents. It sure was a nice drive in a Fall countryside. I haven’t been to NYC for nearly 3 years, hopefully I get to go up there when the weather gets nicer… now that’s something to look forward to! 😀

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