Day 7: Come over

Come over

Come over and tell me that you’re mine.

Leave your worries and shoes out the door

Because we will dance the night just fine-

Barefoot and naked stumbling on the floor.

Come over but do not distract me

Bring your rolling bag and let me be

We’ll be chatting in our breaks to laugh

Hours passed, resisting you is tough.

Come over and take me away love

Drive me where the trees sway with the wind

We’ll paint our dreams in the skies above

And splatter them with glittering tinge.

Come over and we’ll walk a long mile

Run, laugh and push our past far behind

We’ll dwell in my lies to make you blind

I’ll say “gatcha” just to make you smile.

Come over and we’ll discuss jargon

Tell me what is cardiology?

We’ll find each other a heart organ

Have it seen with laparoscopy.

Come over and sleep with me tonight

Imagine ourselves getting married:

Can’t wait for our kids to say goodnight

They’ll ask us to have them be carried-

To dreamland to see us in delight

To where I found you with full excite.

Come over and help me with dinner

Gather our grandkids to remember:

How we both were fun, young and thinner

Tell them stories of our November.

Come over, oh come over my love

It’s about time to leave this life now

I’ll wait for you in heaven to bow:

We’ll share our story and our dear vow.

So come on, come over, come now… my love.

This shall be our love story.

I love you Ricky.




3 thoughts on “Day 7: Come over

  1. OMG…. I just realized that I did delete it!!!! I accidentally did because I thought it was the rough draft that was posted then I proceeded to the next post. Hahahahhaa ! I LOVED YOUR SUGGESTION THOUGH! OMG… please don’t take it the wrong way! It was an accident !

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