Day 6: HELP: I need a book or two…

It’s been rotten ages since I’ve picked up a good book. The recent one was a romantic-comedy, Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel. It is about a woman traveling to Italy to find love and to resolve her issues from her past. It was the typical romantic story of traveling to a foreign country in Europe wherein it’s full of freebie kisses and short romances, etc. It’s too typical. I’d like to read something different… maybe you can help me out?

I guess the genre of book depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I’ve read Harmel’s novel when I was aching for Italian romances since I’ve been dreadfully missing my Italian ex-boyfriend. Nowadays, I want to read something thought-provoking, different, strange, utterly romantic but with so much delightful insights about the lessons in life, love, failed romances, blooming relationships, and that sort of book that would keep me at the edge of my seat. I don’t know… something not too romantic, but maybe adventurous, nothing boring! I want to read a book that is about a person who goes out into the world to find something different than what he or she has been living for. I like a self-discovery and a self-empowering book. I like something that hasn’t come out as a movie (like Eat. Pray. Love and The Help!).

So… if you could please suggest a book that falls within one or two of the above descriptions mentioned. Include a title and write a short summary about it and WHY it’s a must-read!

Maybe I’ll include a personal book review of your suggested book!



3 thoughts on “Day 6: HELP: I need a book or two…

  1. No, I haven’t read any of his work 😦 But “Paper Towns” looks interesting. I’m going to buy a copy this weekend and read it for next week after my test 😀

    Keep suggesting more books haha, I seriously NEED to read a few because I’ve been looking for something to do other than blogging or being in the computer.

    Also, I like that you’re the only one who suggested a book when there’s FIVE people who liked my post… that’s quite sad really 😦

  2. I have a couple other suggestions, but I’ll warn you that they are books that I love but a lot of people didn’t like…so basically I just want to find someone else who liked them to talk about them. haha

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