Day 4: Looking for a friend is almost like… looking for a boyfriend.

Growing up, I find that I’ve had a hard time finding girl-friends. I’ve gotten along well with guys more than girls. I don’t know why. It seems that finding a girl-friend I can connect with, is almost like finding a boyfriend. Girl buddies are like one-in a million. Since I’ve got the almost-perfect boyfriend, I’d like to welcome this new chapter of my life by looking for a group of girls or a few whom I could willingly spend a girl’s night out with. However,

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Recently, I’ve met the type of girls who are either dreadfully busy with wallowing over their ex boyfriends and girls who are plain annoying and sloppy. Can I just meet girls who are normally fun and easy to hang out with? No drama and such… please!

When my parents threw a house party, I met two sisters, Jenna and Mary. They were sitting side-by- side in a corner right next to the buffet table. I remember meeting them the first time and they bluntly told me that both of their boyfriends broke up with them about the same time. In that very moment, I felt like I was a guy who just met two girls in a bar and they were crying about their exes. To me, that felt bizarre. Okay, so now what? Do they mean I get to be their distractor from their heart- aching break ups? Yep. Ever since I met Jenna and Mary that night, they wouldn’t stop talking about their exes and they wanted me to come over at their place to drink and smoke until dawn. Both sisters would leave me text messages and calls nonstop, and they would not stop their endless invitations unless I tell them that I’m busy and that I’m REALLY REALLY BUSY. I feel like a guy who’s not into a girl and he’s trying his best to give her an harmless signal… “I’m busy,” when in honesty, he wants to say, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” Yeah… I feel like that guy.

About the same time I met the two sisters, I became quite aquainted to one of my classmates, Amelia, who seemed to be an outcast after being ditched by two other girls when they found out that she’s only 19. I felt honestly bad because she recently moved from Colorado with her husband in the army (YES! She’s already married ever since she was 17!) and she barely made any friends because according to her, people around our area are not friendly. In hopes to make her feel less lonely, I talked to her and we started hanging out. In our first date, I meant meeting, we ate at Chik-fil-a and drove around the army base to fill up her tank because she said it’s cheaper. It was a fun and tiring day since we’ve talked a lot about everything and I’ve met her douche-bag husband who seemed shallow and … goodness, what do you expect? He’s in the military! I thought, well, it’s not like I’m interested in being friends with her husband, it’s more about her. On our second date meeting, we’ve decided to do our homework and group project at her place. That second time I saw her outside of class, everything changed. When I walked into her one-bedroom apartment, the unbearable, foul- smell of uncleaned dogs with soiled, sweaty feet and filthy, decaying garbage placed somewhere in the corner of their home, has made me want to breathe into a paper bag with a scent-filtering barrier. On top of that, piles of candy wrappers were thrown around, unorganized papers and random crap were everywhere. How can people live like that? I know I truly can’t! I only stayed there for one and a half hour and I had to go. Amelia’s smelly issue didn’t stop there, her constant text messaging and begging me to call her has gotten me to not pick up any of it. We had a group project and I’ve realized that she can be such a fast- test taker and a smart-ass in class, but she cannot think for herself. I’m assuming that the real reason why Amelia’s been an outcast, not because she’s underage, but because she’s sloppy and annoying!

Ricky told me so many times, “Don’t go out looking for friends and trying to fit in!” I’m not, but it seems that I attract the ones who barely fit in the norm. If I can’t find fun friends worthy-enough of my time, then why go look? I’m just going to let it be. I’m happy spending time with Ricky and my make-believe friends.

Tell my your opinion, where and how do you find worthy friends?! 


4 thoughts on “Day 4: Looking for a friend is almost like… looking for a boyfriend.

  1. I have probably 1 friend that I can say is a TRUE friend and a couple others who I know I can count on but don’t really talk to. I met the two back in elementary school, and we’ve talked on and off through out the years but now are closer than ever.

    I have gone through SO many friends though , because for some reason I seem to attract people who just want to use me. I try to be a nice friend, and I love to GIVE, whether it be my time, or whatever I can do for them . (I by accidently befriended my boyfriends crazy ex/baby mama.. to try and make life easier, and she just kept using me to know what HE was up to.. she wasn’t interested in me..that fell apart horribly.. haha).

    Friends are hard to find.. I still wish I could find some NORMAL friends to hangout with too.. who aren’t either OBSESSIVE, or just around when it’s convenient for them.

  2. Hahaha we’ve got the same experience! Yeah, I’ve only considered one or two that remain to be true friends to me. But you know, it’s nice to have a few more ones that can be there when that one or two friends are not around. It’s always nice to have new ones, but the good ones are hard to find. I’d like to have “girl-friends” though because I’ve never got the real girl’s night out thing. Oh well… it’s whatever! They’ll come out eventually 😀 Thanks for reading by the way!

    • Haha yeah the girl’s night out would definitally be something I’d like to experience aswell. Especially being a young mom, it’s really hard to find friends who are willing to kind of work with my schedule when it comes to wanting to go out, or do something girly and fun. I was never into that, I can probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve been out to a bar.. my group of friends before I had children were more into staying in and just hanging out together, and that group consisted probably of 90% males. haha.

      • It’s so easy to hang out with males because they tend to do the coolest things. With girls, it seems like “shopping” is the main thing to do and when you’re broke to shop, it’s like, the common question is, “What do you want to do?” We go out to eat and gossip and that’s it. With guys, it’s interesting because you can talk to them about so many things and it’s nice to see a different view on stuff

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