Day 2: My knight with a pair of glasses

I’m a very complicated character. I love to test people and I test myself so much that it attracts drama. Mostly, my main intention is to prove a point, but it doesn’t come off easy. Last Thursday, I met Mr. Nit-Picky at a local pub just to see how he was doing and if there was still that lingering attraction between us. I was imagining that we’re going to be civilized adults and not as immature- sex-craved so-called friends, who will enjoy a good company in a good atmosphere. I found that, when you’ve got a glass of your favorite beer in one hand, you can’t help but indulge in the conversation and with the attention you’re getting into. I knew I was in deep trouble.

Earlier that week, I told Ricky, my boyfriend, that Mr. Nit- Picky and I are meeting at a local pub for a drink or two. Ricky, who knew my entire history of exes and flings, was aware of that Thursday night, well at least I think he did. That Thursday night, around 5:00 pm, I was dying of boredom and I was utterly impatient in waiting to meet up with Mr. Nit-Picky. I hate  waiting. In the meantime, I was texting Ricky and telling him that I will be able to go to his place around 9 pm to hang out. I felt a pang of guilt and I wondered… did Ricky forget that I’m going to meet Mr. Nit-Picky? Am I making him worried? I was searching for the slightest hint, but knowing Ricky, he’s very good in hiding his true feelings unless provoked.

In hopes to not seem like I was waiting for Mr. Nit- Picky, I drove around the outskirts of town when he told me that he was 10 minutes away. I arrived about 5 minutes late and he doesn’t seem to mind. I saw a spark in his eyes and I bravely walked right next to him. Somehow, somewhere, I felt Ricky’s invisible ghost staring at me and I felt the rise of remorse, intensifying in my head. WTF… am I doing?!

As the night progresses, I became light-headed, unable to focus and uncontrollable.

Mr. Nit- Picky: “I missed you Khristine. Like, no one satisfied me better than you did. I mean yeh, I’ve dated a few chicks but see… you and I had a connection. I need to have a connection with a girl to have sex with her. You and I had a connection remember? I love the way your body felt… it was soft and you were so tight.”

Me: “Oh seriously… I bet Brianna (his ex) was better. I mean you and her can work things out again right?”

Mr. Nit-Picky: “She’s down in Florida and we’ve got our own ways now. Khristine, when do I see you again? I love hanging out with you. You’re so much easier to hang out with.”

Me: “Hahah… I don’t know.”

Mr. Nit- Picky: “Did you like the things that we did though?”

Me: “Yeah… I did.”

Mr. Nit-Picky: “Oh man… I missed you. I just want to fuck you right now…”

Me: “Oh okay…”

Mr. Nit- Picky: “Maybe you can take me back to your place?”

Me: “Err… maybe.”

When the clock striked 10, Ricky texted me, “Are you still coming over?” I had to respond, I knew I didn’t want him left out. I need to text Ricky because it’s not going to end well when I’m already stumbling in my seat and I’m starting to lose every bit of my mind. If I don’t call Ricky to pick me up, I will regret whatever happens that night. I know I want to be with Ricky. I want to rest in his bed and good God, I want to make love with RICKY and blow his mind away.

Me: “Babehhh, Are you awake?”

Ricky: “Yup.”

Me: “Where are you?”

Ricky: “At home.”

Me: “Okay, what are you doing? You might need to pcik me ip.”  <—Notice how I didn’t make sense already

Ricky: “You at Vanderveer’s?”

After 15 mins…

Me: “Omg, where are you? Babeehhh I miss you. You’re like special to me. I want to marry you, have babies with you. I want to get pregnant with your babies now

Ricky: “Blajrefehjhf”

Right after Mr. Nit- Picky and I left the bar, he suggested that we sit in his car to sober up. I had a feeling Ricky was around. I kept a distance from Mr. Nit- Picky and we were walking up to our cars. Just about the time we approached them, Ricky came out of nowhere and saw both of us. Right in front of my eyes, I saw Mr. Nit-Picky’s taller stature from Ricky. Mr. Nit-Picky was more built, taller and too polished. Ricky, with his pair of glasses, was tender-built, soft-formed and … my home.

Me: “Ricky!!! What are you doing here….?” I stupidly asked him because I knew Mr. Nit- Picky wasn’t expecting Ricky to show up, or anyone at all.

Ricky: “You’ve asked me to pick you up!”

Ricky’s nose flared and he somehow lost the color in his face when he saw us both.

Ricky: “Well, well, if it isn’t the infamous Nick.”

Nick a.k.a Mr. Nit- Picky shook hands with Ricky.

Mr. Nit- Picky: “Hey there man…! Well I’m glad you came because I wasn’t gonna let her drive. I was thinking of driving her to her place. But you came, so that’s good.”

Ricky: “Oh alright, well I’ll take care of her, thanks.”

That was the most awkward moment of all.

I told Ricky every little detail that happened and I knew I just had to. It’s not fair to hide things from him! When we got to his place, I noticed that the fireplace was ready to be ignited, a bottle of wine with two glasses was sitting on the coffee table, and obviously, he was waiting for me to spend a romantic night with him. Darn it, I would rather drink that bottle of wine and enjoy an intimate chat with Ricky by the fireplace, but instead, I was gullible into thinking that Mr. Nit- Picky and I will establish a friendship through a beer- get together. How stupid. The next morning, Ricky did say:

“I don’t want to restrict you from seeing other friends. But you can’t expect to be friends with someone you’ve already done things with.”

It’s true… guys whether exes or flings couldn’t be friends. They just want to be in my pants, which is the real, utter, truth.


8 thoughts on “Day 2: My knight with a pair of glasses

    • Eh … I wasn’t really looking for the “real” fun with Nick. I’ve had more fun with Ricky, my best friend-turned boyfriend, than Nick who was “nit-picky” to the tee with everything. Sure, sex is fun, but that’s all there is with Nick. With Ricky, it’s everything: rockin’ sex with actual adventure outside the bed.

      Bottom line is, my boyfriend’s not an “inhibitor” from having fun with Nick. He’s making me realize that he’s got best of both worlds for me to have 😀

    • Oh… goodness. I felt like I was caught doing something really bad. I didn’t know what to do, I just said to myself, “Fuck it, let them handle the situation.” I’m happy Ricky kept his cool 😀

      • I vaguely remember a co-worker was flirting with me on my birthday party last year and I was dating someone at that time. My ex-boyfriend saw him and he started screaming at him. My friends took me to another room in hopes of “saving me” from the pending doom that was about to happen. I don’t think they fought because my co-worker apologized. Looking back, I feel really bad about the situation but at the same time, I wasn’t really into my ex so I didn’t really make it such a big deal.

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