My best friend Ricky, is now my BOYFRIEND!

Me: “Are you scared?”

Ricky: “Of what?”

Me: “Are you in your safe place?”

Ricky: “What do you mean?”

Me: “How would you take a rejection…”

Ricky: “I would be upset…”

Me: “You said I’ve rejected you twice before. I never intended to you know?”

Ricky: “Yeah you did… I’ve asked you that I wanted to take you out for dinner.”

Me: “But I thought we were just hanging out like friends, so I said no because I was busy.”

Ricky: “How about that time when I was sorta tipsy and told you that you should date me.”

Me: “I thought you were joking so I said no! You were a friend and I never thought you’d be that type of guy I’d date.”

Ricky: “I guess that’s true… I was the guy who never said ‘I love you’ or fell in love. I even asked, what the hell is love? I never understood the concept until I was actually in love.”

Me: “That’s funny, because when you said that, I sorta did want to be the girl who you would first say that to, but then I pushed it in the back of my head.”

Ricky: “Did you?”

Me: “Yep.”


Me: “Lie across from me.  Let’s pretend we’re in a relationship… like we’re acting.”

Ricky: “Okay…”

Me: “Ricky, you’re my boyfriend.”

Ricky: “Umm…Khristine, you’re my girlfriend.”


Me: “I’m dating you.”

Ricky: “I’m dating you.”

Me: “I’m taken, that’s my boyfriend, Ricky!”

Ricky: “Yeah, that girl, that’s my girlfriend, Khristine.”

Me: “We’re… dating.”

Ricky: “We’re… a couple!”


Me: “Okay… we can stop pretending.”

Ricky: “Okay.”


I leaned forward closer to Ricky. I felt his warm breath surround me as I closed my eyes and as I threw my arms around him. I know I want to do this because it seemed so right. I love Ricky. His room was lit up with three spotlights that focused on us and placed us in the limelight.

Me: “Ricky, can I be your girlfriend?”

Ricky: “Um… are we still pretending?”

Me: “Noo silly!”

Ricky: “Oh no… I was going to ask you. Like I had a plan but I didn’t have the time to run my errands. I had my plan all in my head. I can still do it…But of course, the answer is yes!”

Me: “Ricky, you don’t have to make it all grand in asking me to be your girlfriend. I just want us to put emphasis on our relationship more than how we became official. And I love the fact that I wasn’t pressured.”


Ricky: “Wow… and you were there right in front of my nose.” Ricky held me tighter and looked up in the ceiling.

“It feels like we’re in an Indie movie. We only have three people watching and one person just sat up from his chair. This is like a love story that was like this…”  Ricky put his two index fingers up in the air, facing opposite directions from each other,  while I lay my head on his chest. “See we’re like these two fingers. All this time, we’ve been looking in different directions. However, here and there, I was looking back at you, just wondering what would it be like to date Khristine, and then I thought it was impossible.”

Me: “Do you think if we never came down to Richmond for that Halloween weekend, we wouldn’t even think of dating each other?”

Ricky: “I don’t think so. I would have tried a third time.”

Me: “Aww… I love you so much Ricky.”

Ricky: “I love you too Khristine.”

I’m in a relationship with my best friend and I can’t wait to see him tonight!

So… do this mean that the iloveME – for single blog ends its story here?

Not necessarily…


Khristine- the damsel– no longer- in distress.


4 thoughts on “My best friend Ricky, is now my BOYFRIEND!

    • I can only imagine!! I feel this way about my partner, Donny, EVERYDAY and it’s almost three years later . It feels like the honey moon stage is never going to leave. It’s an amazing feeling, and I hope you get to hold on to it for as long as possible!!

      • I hope the honey moon stage lasts forever. I’ve been into relationships where it would run dry after 3 months and it was really frustrating. I am really hoping that Ricky and I won’t get sick of each other ever. Wow… so 3 years later with you two and it’s still in the happy stage? I had a relationship of 3 years and it went dry after one and a half years. You’ll have to tell me or blog a post about your secret on how you’ve kept your relationship fresh and spicy all this time! 😉

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