Day 31: R.I.P. Long Hair…

I have a loss. It’s partially my fault for listening to my dad that I should try having my long locks trimmed by an inexpensive barber-salon place. I should have listened to my guts! I knew it… they only specialized in men’s hair cuts seeing how I’ve had a haircut instead of a trim. I lost about 4 inches and I’m highly disappointed. I lost my long hair… one of my best attributes.

This is almost the same length as my current hair 😦

I graduate in July and I’m hoping that by that time, I’ll have my long hair back with healthier locks. I’m partially grateful because I had most of my split ends cut and I’m no longer battling with my hair because of tangles. It’s like I’ve got a fresh start: a short hair that I will manage to grow healthier again. But… it’s a loss. I feel like I’ve lost part of my femininity.

Now, in hopes to compensate for my loss, I’d like to know how to grow healthier hair with less split ends. Can you lend me a few tips?



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