Day 24: Lights.

Yesterday was the last Sunday for the Christmas season according to Catholic- Christian time. I’m not an active Catholic but I was born one and I was brought up attending a Catholic School up until I was 14 when I moved here in the United States. This day has been one of my memorable Sundays because I actually paid attention to the priest and I remember his homily (or lecture, whatever you call it). As I have mentioned, I’m not an active Catholic but I do attend the holy Eucharist (mass or church) every now and then. Somehow, I can relate to it and that is why I’m sharing to you an excerpt from Father Barnes’ lecture today:

“I’m a little uneasy that the Christmas season is once again over. The things that I will miss the most, besides the manger, are the Christmas trees. I will miss coming into church at 5:30 am to prepare for the 6:15 mass, while I turn on the Christmas trees. Somehow, seeing them glisten and glow in the dark had that subtle and beautiful aura that never fails to captivate me. This morning, I realized that those Christmas lights around the tree represent each and everyone of us. Each one of us has a light, although insignificant individually, but when combined, it sheds light in the world. Of course, when you look closely at the Christmas tree, you will see that there are a few dim lights. The Christmas lights are like us, some are bright and some are dark. It all depends on what we’re all going through, but what’s ironic is that a dim light bulb, when taken out, affects the entire lights.

That’s a nice analogy. It made me realize that if you shed your light to one person, whether it could be a stranger or someone you know, you create a series of chain. A chain that extends to one person, then to another and soon enough, when you look at it from a distance, you’ll see people with brightening smiles and heart-warming laughter. It all started with your light.

Taken from

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions and as a matter of fact, I don’t have any because I don’t usually follow through after the 3rd week of January. However, I do want to change my insights about living. From now on, everyday of my life, I’ll share one small sweet gesture or a smile to someone, just to spread my light into the world. That’s my share, though insignificant, it can brighten someone else’s day and hopefully a few more people. How about you? Why don’t you start spreading your inner light that’s hibernating inside you and make use of it! A chain starts with one person. One light is better than none at all.


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