Day 23: Cookie N’ Peach

It’s cliche to say, “less is more,” but it truly is. A sensible woman appreciates the littlest things that a man will do to make her comfortable and loved. The littlest and simplest things are sometimes unnoticeable yet they can take someone’s breath away when noticed. I have been quite sensible and have been noticing some of Ricky’s moves which most guys I’ve dated haven’t done before. I mean… honestly, I’ve only noticed them recently and I’m quite ashamed to say that I’ve been unaware all this time.

While Ricky is gone for an entire week in Vegas, I have been spending my spare time at night, before going to sleep, by either reflecting back to what we usually do when I’m at his place or by re-reading the text messages we’ve been sending each other ever since I got an Android phone. He was utterly sweet and funny and it amazes me how we’ve carried through a two- year friendship despite all the ups and downs. In that two-year friendship, he gave me signs and I was too blind to notice them. I did reject him twice before and I was oblivious that I did. I can’t believe I’ve been blind all along. I’ve been looking for a guy who will flicker my hopes of childhood dreams of requited love and here he is:

A guy who doesn’t mind waking up at 4 am just to make me a cup of hot tea because of my excruciating cramps.

A guy who carries me from the couch to the bed even though I’ve cautioned him that I might be 15 pounds heavier.

A guy who doesn’t mind that I come over to his place and stays up late with me, knowing that he’s going to work at 8 am the next morning.

A guy who listens to my endless ramble knowing that he’s tired as hell.

A guy who calls me “peach” because he thinks I’m sweet.

A guy who doesn’t mind me calling him “cookie” because he has attractive moles that made me want to trace them with a black marker.

A guy who kisses me on my cheek or my forehead more than my lips.

A guy who doesn’t mind driving when I’m too lazy to hop onto the driver’s seat.

Cookie and Peach 😀

A guy who confesses that he’s been in love with me all this time while I was unaware of it.

A guy who apologizes by surprising me with a box of chocolates and a new pack of highlighters.

A guy who e-mails me randomly because I’m in his mind.

A guy who calls me even though I know he’s busy or out with his buddies.

A guy who thoughtfully addresses my dad and mom, “Mr. and Mrs.”

A guy who is very sweet to remember my parents’ birthdays.

A guy who brings me cold drops and a tissue box to my house because I’m sick.

A guy who steals the words out of my mind just in time to say, “I miss you.”

Ricky is THAT guy. I’m quite lucky aren’t I?


4 thoughts on “Day 23: Cookie N’ Peach

    • Hahaa I know! It’s funny too because he asks me how to take a girl’s breath away and I gave him the typical advice: give her flowers and chocolates. He is unaware that with his small ways, he is already taking a girl’s breath away! 😀

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