Day 22: Love is like riding a motorbike.

I never liked taking risks when I’m not sure if I can make it. Last summer, I’ve been wanting to dive into the pool and taking the risk of perhaps drowning myself, since I couldn’t swim. Actually, I can swim on shallow water, around 5’0 ft, but I never went beyond that. I went to the pool with Ricky almost every weekend and he dared me to finally take some risk and trust him since if I ever drown, he’s going to save me. All summer long of going to the swimming pool, I never managed to fulfill the goal of diving in. I never trusted myself and I didn’t take the risk. However,

Yesterday afternoon, I took a risk that is far dangerous than diving in a pool that is regulated and guarded by life guards. I managed to ride onto Chris‘ motorbike. When he called me earlier that afternoon, I was doubting myself, but some part of me heard Ricky’s voice from last summer, “You have got to start taking risks Khristine. Start letting go…” I knew that Chris’ offer was going to be a challenge. I never rode a motorbike and the dangers of that is far greater and severe. In the other hand, a part of me keeps telling me, “You don’t have insurance yet and did you know that most accidents occur with motorcyclists?” Even though my logical brain kept bugging me, I managed to hop onto Chris’ bike with his spare helmet and gloves.

While I was in the midst of having an adrenaline rush while I rode down the highways with two wheels, I realized how ironic it was to compare riding a motorbike to being in relationships. Just like riding a motorbike for the first time, when we begin to proceed in a relationship with someone, we don’t know the outcome, the risks of getting hurt is high, yet the fun side is definitely worth while. We all just need to take a risk, we all have to let go of our assumptions and let our inhibitions free. I remember Chris instructing me to hold onto him and sway with him along if he takes some sharp curves and if I don’t, we’ll both die. Isn’t that how relationships work? If we don’t sway with our significant other through the ups and downs of life, we put ourselves at risk of a painful breakup. If one choses to stray away and stop trying in a relationship, the likelihood of it to survive is slim. It’s just like having two passengers in one motorbike; if one doesn’t hang onto the other, either one or two of them dies.

Despite how riding a bike made my body sore from hunching down low to reach for the gas tank and from sitting in traffic on the way home, the ride was stupendous! I loved riding through the winter country side and enjoying the spring tease of 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The fast- paced speed of the bike that reached 70-80 mph had me craving for more. I was sitting and holding onto Chris and telling myself, “I’m actually taking a risk and it’s far more dangerous than diving into a pool!”

If riding a motorbike is just as risky as jumping into a relationship (with Ricky), I can manage through it then as well, right?


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