Shadows of New Year’s

Two shadows sitting in the dark

Wondering where they will embark

“Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve,” he said

They sat drinking wheat beer by the bed

She asked, “How is this year for you so far?”

Crackling hot embers in the fire place-

In a dark, soft- lit room left in silence.

Shadows of yesterday and familiar faces

Roamed around and danced with brilliance

I can’t believe this room used to be packed-

Where every corner was left in tact:

With drama and the unforeseen ending,

Of a once loved friendship left in parting.

It all started with four boggling strangers

Spinning bottles and sharing kisses

Then it became close to eight vultures

Faking smiles and spreading secrets

Which led them all to their own paths.


But two shadows sat in the dark kissing…

Kissing with their eyes blinded by courage

Their tongues twist and had them falling…

Falling with their hearts slowly trusting…

Trusting that they may stand from damage:

Of breaking promises,

Of destroying friendships,

Of betraying loyalties,

And of ending romances.

—- Ending to this poem is still quite in progress.—-


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