Day 16: (Love is) The Tender Trap

QUOTESJoe, do you have any idea what’s available to a woman of 33? Married men. Drunks. Pretty boys looking for someone to support them. Lunatics looking for their fifth divorce. It’s quite a list, isn’t it? -Silvia (The Tender Trap)

“A career is just fine, but it’s no substitute for marriage. Don’t you think a man is the most important thing in the world? A woman isn’t a woman until she’s been married and has children.

I love watching the classics. I was watching TCM for the entire weekend. I have enjoyed the movie: “The Tender Trap” wherein Frank Sinatra and Debbie Raynolds stars in a romance comedy that is quite cliche with the typical storyline of a big-time man who falls for an American sweetheart. It is funny and I’ve picked out inspirational quotes that speaks so much truth about dating. Even though it was a movie produced in 1955, I can still relate to it even though it was 56 years ago. Dating back then isn’t far off different as to how we date now. It’s how we approach it that’s different (no sex before marriage is still encouraged), but the same perspective of people getting married young, women in their 30s becoming desperate, etc. doesn’t sound so foreign too me!


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