Day 14: My Mantra.

Release your inhibitions. Don’t regret ANYTHING. Say ‘Sorry’ when it’s really necessary. Live life NOW. Believe in falling in love again. Have faith in yourself. Think positive. Shower daily. Think before you speak. Leave the past behind. Give second chances but don’t lower your guard down. Try things you’ve never done before. Say please and thank you. Don’t forget what your mother taught you: your MANNERS. Respect the elderly; they know stories that can make you cry more than what Hollywood tries so hard to portray. Open your mind to adventure. Surround yourself with beautiful things that are only felt with your heart. Have a courage to face your fears. Cry because you’re happy. Smile to make you feel less horrible. Don’t get disappointed when you get rejected, it just means that you are reserved for the right person. Aim for your dreams. Never give up unless you’ve tried your bestest. Have faith in God or get in touch with your spiritual being. Laugh as if you’re building ABS. Relax because it makes you feel younger. Appreciate the smallest details because they are so much beautiful than the obvious ones. Embrace single-hood! Cherish this moment because you’re alive. Treat each day like it’s your last. Drink LOTS of water; your body needs it. Learn to say “NO.” Learn to love yourself first before you can love someone again. Look up when you’re down because that’s where you’re going. Don’t expect but don’t lose hope at the same time. Keep walking and never look back. Stay strong to your words. Make promises that you know you can do. Never assume because you’ll only make an ASS– of- U and ME. Close your eyes when you’re about to cry and imagine stars– that way you can cry feeling as if you’re way up in the sky and your problems are down below. You’ll feel better, I promise.


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